#BEDN: Love Mondays

Today’s prompt for Blog Every Day in November was ‘Love Mondays’, so I decided to do something a bit different with it.
Dear You,

I know you hate us, to you we are nothing more than the unwanted end to your weekend lays ins, late night socialising and not having to wear a bra, but I promise you, we have good intentions.

You see, Monday represents a new start, a blank slate, a chance to be an even better you than before. Maybe this will be the week you get a promotion, or make it to yoga every day, or fall in love… And if not, well you’ve still got a whole load of Mondays stretching ahead of you!

That said, everyone is only blessed with a finite number of days. An exact number of Fridays, Wednesdays and, of course, Mondays. When you put it like that, it seems kinda silly to dislike us, right?

Babies are born on Mondays, weddings are held, and pizza is eaten. Good things can happen on Mondays, if given the chance.

So to you, dear friend, I say embrace Monday! Change your coffee covered shirt (sorry!), don’t stress about the traffic, and embrace the start of a brand new week of possibility. Wave goodbye to the stress of the past 7 days, and hello to your brand spanking new, never-lived-before Monday.

Why not do something amazing with it?



  1. Nice post, I love mondays because the kids go to school! I’m not so keen on Fridays… things change when you have kids or more specifically, when you have MY kids!

  2. I love this, Monday’s aren’t too bad in our house – the other half works shifts and is Wed-Sat so it isn’t a back to work day as such. x

  3. Love this post, the only thing I hate about a Monday is the alarm going off, but then I hate the alarm the rest of the week as well. Mondays aren’t generally a bad day in our house luckily x

  4. I always try to get my Mondays off to a good start. If I think that Monday is going to be a bad day then the chances are it will be so I try to love Monday! xxx

    1. That’s a good way of thinking about it – positivity! Also, I find not writing them off as ‘bad days’ just because things have gone wrong all morning helps me. i just hope they will improve with the rest of the day, ahah. Hope you had a great Monday! xxx

  5. I do actively dislike Monday, I feel there is a lot of pressure after just having 2 days at home to do everthing, to then go back to work… I always feel so apprehensive x

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