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When the lovely people from Lush Liverpool called me out of the blue to invite me to try a treatment at their spa, I almost cried. It’s been a really stressful few weeks and a spa treatment was so welcome in my life! They recommended ‘The Spell’ which is a gorgeous treatment focussed on banishing worries – something that I really need help with!
As you may know, I previously had The Comforter treatment (which you can read about here) and I couldn’t imagine anything being as good as that.

Oh, how wrong I was!

I arrived in the store and as soon as I was greeted by the staff, I felt like a princess! I was led upstairs to the stunning spa by my therapist Christina who was nice enough to put up with my constant photography of everything. The Lush Spa does not look like your usual, sterile, all white affair, but is warm and welcoming. The consultation area looks like a country kitchen and you instantly feel cozy and at home.

IMG_7958Christina sat down with me and offered me a glass of water whilst I filled out the simple form. She then began to tell me about the treatment and the products and techniques that would be used. I love this bit because I’m always interested in what the ingredients in the products are used for and what effects they have – I think it makes it so much more magical. Also, being talked through the treatment has the duel purpose (particularly for someone as anxious as me) of preparing you for what is going to happen, and also allowing you to get excited by it all!


Every detail in the Lush Spa is an experience. The products are displayed on this gorgeous tray and as your therapist talks you through it all, you’re encouraged to have a sniff of each thing, which is a treat in itself.

Cristina then left me to write my worry (with a quill and ink!) on a piece of paper and put it in the kettle to banish it. This was quite difficult as the nib of the quill didn’t seem to want to write for me, but I loved the process of writing my worry down. Kristina then returned and lit the paper on fire (which looked super cool!) and showed me the ashes – I felt better already!


It was then time for the treatment. I popped off to the loo (TMI I know but it’s relevant I promise) and even that is an experience. The bathroom is beautiful and FULL of products that you’re encouraged to use. I could probably have spent a good half-hour in there!


I was taken into the room and Christina left me to get ready. One thing I love about the Lush Spa is that you never feel awkward or embarrassed – everything is explained so you don’t have to worry about not knowing if you should take your clothes off or not (I opted to take my leggings off just because the room was lovely and warm and I had a cool wrap around velcro towel to cover me) and you’re even given a little bell to ring to show you’re ready rather than awkwardly waiting for someone to come.


*I’m going to describe the treatment now in a bit of detail. If you’d like to be surprised, then you might want to stop reading here, but trust me when I say it is amazing and you should go!*

Christina began by soaking my feet with a volcano foot ballistic which is sadly a Lush Spa exclusive as it was wonderful! Just having my feet in the tin bath of warm water was great and everything from there only got better. She used Rub, Rub, Rub to scrub at my feet I laid down on the bed under the softest towels I’ve ever felt and just relaxed as Christina worked her magic. I was given a volcano foot mask (which is said to be the most powerful product that Lush has!) and whilst that was working, I was given a glorious head massage. That bit was a little awkward but only because my hair gets knotted really easily and it had been windy outside so it wasn’t as easy for poor Christina to run her hands through my hair, but it was still absolutely blissful.

I had a hot stone on my solar plexus which is a place I know I carry a lot of tension and worry so that was a nice feeling and the reflexology part of the treatment made my whole body feel more relaxed.

One of my favourite parts was when two hot stones covered in Dream Time temple balm were put under my nose for me to breathe in and then used to massage my temples. That, coupled with the ‘padding down the body’ and I was the most relaxed I’ve ever been. So relaxed, in fact that I fell asleep whilst Christina was working on my second foot – cringe! Apparently this happens a lot with this treatment so I didn’t feel too bad.

The music was lovely in the background and the whole room was lovely and warm. My feet are always cold and the cooling sensation of the mint in the foot products made them pretty chilly but they ended up feeling really refreshed. The treatment ended with the indulgent Pink Peppermint and T for Toes to mattify and make sure I didn’t end up sliding around!

At the end of the hour, when I had woken up, Christina left to make me a drink. Each drink is personal to the treatment, and this one was hot water with mind, lemongrass and fresh lemon as a way of ingesting some of the core ingredients. She also gave me a lovely affirmation card which I plan on keeping in my purse for times when I need a reminder.Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 15.20.31 I was left to sit in on my comfy bed and just drink my drink feeling amazing. Although it was made clear that there was no rush, I knew I had to leave eventually and was greeted by Christina in the kitchen who offered me some water and a goody bag packed with products (which is going to be another blog post soon!). It was such a lovely surprise that I really wasn’t expecting that I got a bit emotional again – I’m a mess sometimes! Christina told me all about the training that goes into being a Lush Spa therapist and her favourite treatments to do (She likes the Hard Days Night!) and was just so friendly and lovely.

Finally, I was given a shop floor tour, which if you can have one, do it – it was great! A lovely gentleman (whose name escapes me!) showed me all the products, gave me little testers (his hands were so soft I couldn’t believe) and told me stories behind the products. He knew SO much about everything & even told me the origin of the treatment I’d had!

I left (reluctantly), walking on air, feeling the most relaxed and happy I remember being in ages! I cannot thank the amazing staff at Lush Spa Liverpool enough! It was such a lovely offer and I’m already desperate to return.

If you fancy a treat, or spoiling someone else, I would hugely recommend a Lush treatment – It’s like nothing you’ll have experienced before.

My beautiful friend Kiah wrote a post about the Sound Bath treatment, and you should go ahead and read that by clicking here!


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