#BEDN: Feelin’ Festive

If you’re a Bar Humbug Mc Grinch, you might want to skip this post, because it’s about to get hella Christmassy!
Yep, today Steven and I put our Christmas decorations up. I don’t care that it’s not quite December yet! Last year, we lived in an apartment, but instead of buying a tree we borrowed one of Steven’s parents trees and their decorations.

This year, as we are in a house, we decided to treat ourselves to our own. Steven really wanted a real tree but we’ve not managed to find any that are a decent size, so we decided to invest in a nice (6 foot!) artificial one that we can use for a few years.

As this is one of the only full days off we both have in the immediate future we went off into Southport town centre for a nice day of Christmas shopping. I am such an excitable mess about things like this. I never imagined being the kinda person with a fiancée and pets and a cute little house doing lovely family things, so sometimes I get over emosh about these things!

As we’re starting from scratch, we decided to grab some bits from B&M. I’d like to think that Steven and I are rather compatible, however in some things, we differ entirely. Christmas decorations seem to be one of those! Christmas to me is about bright colours, too much glitter and awfully garish trinkets. Steven, however, prefers a colour theme and something a bit more classy. This led to a lot of in depth discussion, but I think we ended up with a pretty good compromise.

After a lovely day, which included an adorable afternoon tea, we arrived home ready to decorate. With wine and Love Actually and a cat who was having the time of his life, we assembled our new tree and covered it in baubles, tinsels and lights. It looks great – although I can’t help but think it could do with some more tacky ornaments!


I feel really lucky to be with someone who embraces how cheesy and ridiculous and childish I am when it comes to Christmas. If I ever stop being excited for it, I’m probably dead inside.

After BEDN, I’m going to do Vlogmas (because I’m a sucker for being busy) so make sure you subscribe to my channel (www.youtube.com/codiekinz) for daily festivities 🙂

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