5 Reasons I love using cloth nappies (Plus a competition!)

I’ve been using cloth nappies with little Roo since he was 6 weeks old and I bloody love them. I love chatting to other cloth bum Mums and also to those who are just curious about the realities of using cloth – I know for sure I have converted a few families into cloth nappies and I love spreading the cloth bum word! So here are 5 reasons I love using cloth nappies PLUS a cheeky competition thanks to The Nappy Den.

A stack of cloth nappies featuring prints of pizza, fruit, animals and cactus

Cloth nappies are better for the environment

I try to make green choices where I can, so even before Little Roo was born, I knew we wanted to use cloth nappies. I hated the thought of an enormous pile of disposables rotting away (very SLOWLY!) in a landfill and I know that every nappy I use is one less disposable. Even with the water and energy used to wash them, it’s still less than the energy and water used in manufacturing disposable nappies. 

Cloth nappies save money… In the long run! 

Okay, so I do love buying new nappies, but In general, the saving is quite impressive. Closeparent estimates that cloth parents spend around £90-£300 for a full kit Vs £800-£1200 for full time use. This is based on around 6000 changes in 2.5 years. Not only that, but cloth nappies can be used for more than one child AND sold on. We bought a few secondhand nappies when we were starting out, and cloth nappies hold their resale value really well. 

A circle of cloth nappies featuring prints like bees, pizza, dinosaurs, rockets and animals

Cloth nappies are super cute

Let’s not pretend that this isn’t a huge draw! I love the designs on cloth nappies. I love finding patterns that represent Ruben, or just look fun, and I love matching them to the theme of the day. When we go to the farm, he has an animal nappy, when it was space week at Baby Sensory, the rocketships were OTB (on the bum!). I love my little cloth bum God daughter waddling around with her floral nappy under her dress, or Ruben’s big cloth butt as he crawls around. 

Cloth nappies are gentle on skin

Ruben very rarely gets nappy rash and I think a big part of it is that his nappies are super gentle, made of things like cotton, bamboo or hemp. They don’t sweat or rub and they seem to be really comfortable for him. I always think about what I would rather wear and I feel like cloth would be much comfier on my tushy. 

They’re super easy to use

Cloth nappies are so much easier to use than people think. I did a video on them, but once you get the hang of them, they are really no harder to use than disposables. 

Thanks to the amazing Lorna at The Nappy Den, I’m giving away 2 gorgeous TotsBots nappies! These are fantastic if you’re brand new to cloth and want to give it a go, or if you’re a cloth veteran and already love TotsBots. Enter below!  

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  1. Being new to cloth this blog is perfect as it is all the reason I wanted to join the cloth community!

  2. I’m working up to trying cloth nappies. Im glad I didn’t start from the beginning as I had originally wanted as my recovery from c section has been long and gruelling, I couldn’t even change a nappy in the firdt week or so, let alone wash them! But I would love to start soon as Willow literally cries as soon as her nappy is wet/dirty, so we’re really getting through the disposables, which breaks my heart!!

    1. I love this blog! I’m a long term cloth nappy user with five children who were all in cloth and I absolutely love it- much prefer it to the waste of disposables!

  3. Its something ive always wanted to try but never got round to it. Think id definitely love to do cloth with my next, just makes so much more sense!

  4. Love this post, I can definitely relate to every single points – especially buying because of design, also the resale value!

  5. My sister in law used cloth on her son and was 100% the reason I decided to use cloth on my daughter! She is now 8 weeks old and we’ve been trying out a few different brands since she was 2 weeks old. I have mostly BTPs so some fit better than others, I’m just so in love with all the amazing prints 😍

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