How I set myself up for a good week – Sometimes*

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A Sunday well-spent brings a week of content, or so they say. The way I see it, the more you can plan and prepare, the less terrifying the week might be (*depending on children/sleep/current events etc) and I’ve been working to hone this routine – it’s a work-in-progress but here’s where we’re at.

Meal Plan

If we don’t plan out our meals, then whichever one of us goes to do the food shop will buy an assortment of random items, none of which actually go together and we will end up eating takeout most nights because we are the worst. There are a few meals that we tend to rotate most weeks (we love a pasta, Quorn burgers, a tikka), but I’m always trying new recipes to find new favourites. I don’t always have time to cook something from scratch between working, running a business and having a whirlwind toddler, but I try to make something substantial whenever I can.


I love a list. I write them constantly. Lists of jobs, packing lists, wishlists, lists of ideas. Instead of having a load of scraps of paper floating around, I love a cute notebook. This one from Old English Co is especially apt as it says “My brain has too many tabs open” and nothing has ever summed me up better! I also love that it has my name on – v cute.


Between lockdown and busy Mum life, I don’t get to a yoga class as much as I would like to and I’ve really used that as an excuse to let my practise slide. However, when I do fit in some time on the mat, I notice I feel less anxious, my body is less sore and I feel a tiny glimmer of pride towards myself for doing something. My favourite yoga teacher, Paris has released this App (not an ad, but I have done gifted classes in the past) and there are loads of different classes depending on what you want to work. I love the bedtime wind-down routine as it works on stretching and destressing and that is what I need.


I am a naturally messy person. I hate it about myself and I’m working on it. I’ve found that if I do a quick whizz round before I go to bed, it really helps my stress levels when I get up. Setting the dishwasher to clean overnight is a big help, and keeps the sides clear, and I put a wash on a delayed start so that when Steven gets up, he can chuck it in the drier. I always make sure the toys are away (a thankless and endless chore!), and the surfaces are clear.


I like to be a friend to the Codie of tomorrow (sometimes!), and when bleary-eyed me wakes up after a terrible night’s sleep, and has to get ready for an early baby class, I love when I’ve already pre-packed the baby bag. My brain works a lot better at night, and I’m less likely to forget something important if I pack the bag the night before, and it gives me a few extra moments without rushing first thing in the morning.

Have something to look forward to

Getting up after a sleepless night is TOUGH. Especially realising it’s no longer the weekend and I’m ridin’ solo(ish) at least for a few hours. So I like to have something to look forward to. I love smoothies (premade because I am lazy and messy and fruit is both expensive and also consumed within moments of hitting the fruit bowl here because it’s Ruben’s fave), and a nice breakfast. My current treat is some berries, yoghurt and a little bit of muesli. It feels more luxurious than Coco Pops (no shade, I love those chocolatey bites) and sets me off on the right foot. 

What about you? What are your top tips for starting your week off right?

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