The unreachable fitness goal…

As with every New Year (and subsequent Sunday night/Monday mornings), I have, once again decided to eat better, tone up and lose a little weight. Not a huge amount, just so I am little healthier, and can fit in my nicer jeans again!
The issue, with me and food, is that I really bloody like it. As much as I love berries and salads, I also really love chocolate, sweets and Big Macs – and generally speaking they are a lot cheaper! My lovely boyfriend bought me an amazing smoothie maker for Christmas (review coming soon!) and I am loving making all sorts of crazy, delicious concoctions. However, there’s is a lot more to clean up after a zesty smoothie making experience, than, for example, sticking a few chicken nuggets and curly fries onto a baking tray. There is also a whole lot less mortal danger. I am a clumsy bean, and cutting carrots pretty much always involves almost losing a digit too. This is never a problem that opening a pizza box has caused…

Also, exercise. I struggle into my sports bra and yoga pants (and mince around pretending to be Sporty Spice at the top of her game) and walk to the little gym that comes with our apartment. After choosing a good playlist and pressing a million buttons to make sure we are all set, I begin to run… and finish rather abruptly as I realise, with wheezing breath, just how unfit I am.

I bought myself some wrist and ankle weights to wear whilst I work out in front of the telly, however I find myself suddenly realising that I’ve become so engrossed in the Big Bang Theory that I actually haven’t moved in 10 minutes. Still, laughing burns calories right?

I’ve decided to give up alcohol for January which is no mean feat! I don’t ever drink ‘out’ as such, but I do like to unwind with a nice glass of vino after a hard days work, or to celebrate a good day, or to drink in the bath, or y’know, just because. Alcohol is full of empty (delicious) calories and I think my body will thank me for giving in a bit of a break from the good stuff – especially after Christmas!

As I mentioned in my Bobble Bottle post, I am rubbish at drinking water, and after veering from the path over Christmas, I have jumped back onto the ship as it were and am glugging glass after glass like an over-eager Fresher. This means, however that I am once again frequenting the loo more than is necessary or appropriate. Hopefully the walk back and forth to the toilet is counting towards my exercise goals?!

If all else fails, I always have chocolate and wine waiting to comfort me on the other side!

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