Unique jewellery and so much more!

At least once a day, someone stops and asks where my earrings are from and 99% of the time, the answer is Shiny Creations, so I figured it was about time to tell the world (especially with the launch of their beautiful new website today!). This is not a sponsored post in any way, I just really really adore this jewellery and think that a lot of my readers would too!
Helen, the artist behind Shinys is really lovely and willing to create bespoke items. For example, I really wanted some cool earrings for graduation, a mortar board and a scroll. They were delivered to me in plenty of time, gift wrapped and beautiful beyond my expectations! I got so many great comments about them and they really made my outfit feel extra special. She doesn’t just do earrings (though they are my favourite!) she makes all different types of jewellery and, one of the coolest things (though I haven’t needed one… yet!) are the personalised wedding toppers! Why have generic ‘Bride and Groom’ toppers for your big day cake, when you can have ones that are quite clearly you?! Another product that is beautiful, are the Cartoonifications! Send Shinys a photograph of a favourite moment and they will draw it in incredible detail. I am waiting for the perfect picture to do this with, it looks great with big groups of people and is a lot of fun working out who is who.

I am a huge fan of unique things, handmade products and odd earrings, so this is the perfect website for me! I am torn between wanting no one else to be in on this secret and wanting everyone to know how amazing they are! In the end, my excitement about Shiny Creations won – so you are welcome! Just in time for Christmas!


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