Save Brooklyn Nine-Nine!

Earlier this week, when I was feeling a bit down and wanted something easy to watch to cheer myself up, I started re-watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine. After one episode I was already feeling better and before I knew it, it was bedtime and I had been watching all night. I wasn’t on my phone, or trying to do work at the same time, I was just enjoying the ridiculous adventures of this band of quirky characters. 


I woke up this morning to the news that it is being cancelled and, predictably, your girl has some feels. After suffering with bloggers-block for a few weeks, it seems that this travesty is what I needed to get out of my slump. 


If you haven’t watched the show, the first few seasons are on Netflix. It’s a perfect mix of surreal humour and real-life issues and if there is one thing that the show does as well as laugh-out-loud comedy, is representation.


Shock. Horror. 

Not everyone is white. Not everyone is straight. 


Those that are not, however, are fully-rounded characters and their whole personalities aren’t based on this one feature about themselves. 


Let’s take Captain Raymond Holt. A homosexual man of colour. He is not a gay caricature, nor is his sexuality or relationship played up for cheap jokes. 


Rosa is a Latina woman who comes out in the series as bisexual. Actual, real-life bi representation! 


Terry is the muscliest and yet most sensitive man who is not afraid to show how much he loves his babies, both his twin daughters and the detectives who work underneath him. There is even an episode which looks at the reality of racial profiling, through Terry, in such a sensitive, intelligent way. 


Jake is so loveable (and weirdly attractive, right), and his relationship with Boyle Amy makes my heart want to fall out. Speaking of Amy, between her and Rosa, I feel empowered to be a kickass woman. They are in a male-dominated industry and yet they are respected, talented detectives. 


Gina is hilariously sassy, and Boyle is so wonderful. I just have so much love for these characters (although I could take or leave Hitchcock and Scully if I’m honest.)


It is just such an amazing show. Funny and likeable, clever and fresh. In a world of ‘meh’ comedies, we need more Brooklyn Nine-Nines, not less! 


Save the Nine-Nine! 


Side note: today I found out that the writer of the show, Michael Shut created Parks & Rec and the Good Place and wrote on The Office… because he played Cousin Mose! I am shook. 

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