#BEDN: Liverpool Blogger Event – November 2015

I’m on the train on the way home for the latest Liverpool blogger event and in my happy bubble of post-event euphoria, I figured I’d give you a little insight to blogger events and some tips on what to expect. This one was by Jenny who organised the first one I went to and has quickly become one of my favourite people in the blogging world!
My first tip, is go to one. It might seem scary, and I know I felt like people would say “you’re not a real blogger!” Or something but honestly, everyone is always SO nice and supportive. It’s great for getting you out of of a blogging rut and to make you feel inspired again. Since my first event, I’ve made some great blogging friends and it’s amazing to feel part of the community.

One of my favourite things about these events is that people get it. Everyone there knows what it’s like to be a blogger, so you don’t have to spend time explaining what it is and why you do it. That is a pretty great feeling. Use the time to ask all the questions you never get to!

The day is usually cantered around networking, brands showcasing products and a pretty great buffet (today’s included yorkshires with mash and sausages inside!). We were also lucky enough to take part in a jewellery making workshop by Noctuae where we made a beautiful bracelet with our choice of semi-precious stones. It was a lovely activity to do, whilst chatting away and great to be able to take it home – events that offer a workshop are really great to appeal to a wide range of bloggers.

Don’t be shy, swap business cards and take names. Jenny gave us name badges (which are a great keepsake but also help you put a name to the blogs you read!) and they all have QR codes on them so you can easily zap and find new blogs to read – amazing!

There’s usually a raffle or prize draw and the prizes can be incredible! Today, there were beauty products, candles, earrings, vouchers – it was amazing, Lush even donated a full spa product to one lucky winner who happened to be Kiah!

When it’s time to leave, you’ll often get a gift bag and the one from today was insane! Loads of full sized products (which I will photograph and post about tomorrow) to try and to review. By including links to the companies in your blog, you show them that it was worth sending all the free goodies and give bloggers a good name – so deffo do that!

They’re an amazing opportunity and a great day out. I wish I could go to the, more often and I’ve decided to have a go at helping to organise the next one – wish me luck


  1. Yey so glad you enjoyed the event 🙂 I’m so glad everyone had a fabulous time. Can’t wait to organise the next one with your help, we will have lots of fun. xxx

  2. Great post! I definitely wouldn’t have gone to one off my own back! Like you said – I felt like people wouldn’t take me seriously. But everyone is so lovely! Thanks for giving me the push ?See you soon xx

  3. Wow you’re keen – getting your event post up so soon! It was a great event! And the jewellery making was fab!

  4. I LIVE in Liverpool and knew nothing about this – shows how involved in the community I am haha – looking forward to reading more #BEDN posts and this event sounded great!

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