I’m practically Rapunzel!

I’ve spent the last hour desperately trying in vain (in all senses of the word)  to take a picture to show you how good my hair looks right now. My camera must be faulty. But trust me when I say, it is the strongest, thickest and healthiest it has ever been. As someone who used to dye her hair more than she changed her bedding, my poor hair hasn’t been in a great condition since I was about 13. So what’s sparked this change? Well first of all, I’ve finally invested in a Lush shampoo bar, after years of questioning whether it would actually work as a shampoo. I had my doubts, I’m very precious about my hair (I cannot stand it being even slightly greasy), less the ‘style’ (of which it is lacking) but more how it feels. I hate anything that makes it feel gross – so I was a little wary to try something completely different. But holy cow am I glad I did! My hair feels thicker and full of volume, stronger and shinier. It’s incredible! Because they are totally natural (and free from SLS/SLES – nasties!) and free from harmful chemicals you know you’re doing a good thing for your hair and scalp. I was told that the bars may not lather well, but actually I was incredibly impressed by it! I interchange between rubbing the bar directly onto my hair, and just lathering it up in my hands first – it feels beautiful! I know for some people, there is a dodgy ‘transition’ period  I guess the only issue I’ve had with it, I think was my fault. I picked the bar up off the side of the bath the other day and some of it was stuck to the surface and a bit crumbly. I’ve not heard of this happening to anyone else so I imagine I did something wrong, perhaps putting it in a wet spot maybe? I’ve recently invested in the shampoo bar tin, to help my next one last even longer. It makes me happy to know that my shampoo natural, and plastic-packaging-free and according to everything I’ve read, it lasts ages! I picked up the conditioner too a few weeks after, as it felt weird to be using a bottled conditioner. It’s taking a little longer to get used to as I can’t really tell if I’m using it right. With liquid conditioner you can see it in your hair, where as with a bar you have to do a weird stroking motion down your hair with it. which just feels odd. It seems to be working nicely ‘though!
Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 16.39.41

I coupled these with the Lush ‘Roots’ hair mask, which is minty and tingly and wonderful. You massage it into your scalp and roots, apparently for 20 minutes, but actually, your arms would fall off, so at least a while. You can really feel it working and it smells amazing so it’s worth it for that alone. I use it twice a week or so just to give a new lease of life to my usually flat and fine hair. It tackles keeping the roots healthy to help your hair grow so fingers crossed my locks will be able to cover my rather humble breasts by this time next year!

Finally, the Tangle Teezer. My lovely boyfriend bought me one for my birthday and not only is it beautifully and ergonomically designed, but it bloody works! My hair tends to be quite knotty and ripping through the tangles with a brush was not the best way to start the day, so I couldn’t believe how this glides through it! I thought that the lack of handle would make it hard to hold but it really is perfectly shaped, and small enough to fit in your bag. I can’t help but wish that this was around when I was a small Rapunzel-haired child with an impatient mother and knotty locks – ouch!

So, as you may have seen on a previous post, my plan is to grow my hair long enough to cover my breasts (not for any reason, I just think it’s a good point to aim for!) and hopefully keeping it in good condition with these little treats will help me do this! Watch this space!


  1. i am terrible , i grow it to my shoulders then chop it of then grow again and get annoyed that i chopped it in first place so for past year ive not and will not be cutting it again , i now have my hair nearly to my belly button whic to me is a goal in itself , i want it to my feet

    1. Agreed! Every now and then, I’m like ‘I should get a bob again’, but I know I’d regret it and try and grow it again. The endless cycle!

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