How blogging became part of my life

Today I woke up to find that I am UKBloggers blog of the day! This seems like the perfect excuse to reflect on the past year or so of blogging about travel, books, lifestyle and downright nonsense. I’ve always loved to write and I have a lot of opinions! Finding the blogging community has really opened my eyes and with my first proper blogger meet up happening in the summer I feel like I’m starting to belong!
I’ve learnt to focus on content, not advertising and page views. To write for me, and to enjoy every minute of it. It’s incredibly hard to switch my brain off at the best of times but now that I’m blogging, everything turns into a blog idea. Cleaning Steven’s childhood bedroom and sorting stuff to sell? I should do a blog about how much things went for. Trying to decide what to wear for an interview? That’s a great idea for a visual post. Everything in my head is a potential blog idea, my phone’s notes are full of nonsensical reminders and I treated myself to a new iPad to enable me to blog more easily on the move.

Doing this, however, has given me confidence. In fact, it’s given me a whole new dream. I want to do this for a living, to blog and vlog and write content for websites. I want to be a digital marketing executive and I want to write blogs that get people thinking and make Youtube videos that inspire people or make them laugh.

All of this came from reading other people’s blogs, day after day, and finally deciding it was about time I started my own. It’s been difficult at times, but ultimately one of the best things I’ve ever done. Here’s hoping the only way is up!


  1. You are right. Almost everything is a great idea for a blog idea and that’s what I do too. I also think about what exactly have I talked to someone about or my thoughts on something. Blogging has been a very central part of my life, that I can’t imagine my life without it.

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