I don’t like duvet days…

A duvet day for me does not evoke feelings of a relaxed snuggle on the sofa, watching trashy TV and eating ice cream. In fact it is more likely to leave me feeling sweaty, a bit gross and panicky at how I’ve wasted a whole day doing nothing when I always have so much to do. Controversial opinion time: I do not really enjoy duvet days. Now, don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a good lie-in, in fact, I would happily never get up until lunch time, but I’m afraid by 2pm I am just feeling a bit gross from not having showered, and my to-do list is screaming in my head to the point that I can’t concentrate on the Big Bang Theory rerun.I don’t know why, but I feel incredibly uncomfortable if I am not being productive. If not doing one thing, then preferably several things at once. If I am eating a meal, I like to be reading something, or writing a blog. If I am in a meeting, it is important that I am simultaneously listening and composing emails. A few days ago, I was not allowed my laptop in a training session (understandably) and the only productive thing I could think to do was to knit. Yes, I decided to knit a scarf for a homelessness appeal in a training session, rather than risk a panic attack at the thought of not doing anything. This productivity in some cases is incredibly useful, however the fact that I have to do research in the bath, or that I am constantly doing something on my phone at every waking (and sometimes even sleeping!) minute of the day. Just watching a film is so difficult to me, I am also definitely on my mobile, ‘pinning’ to a productivity board or something similar.
I guess it is because I am quite tightly strung as one must be when spinning several plates in the air and feeling as though it is a personal mission to fix everything and save everyone.
On the other hand, however, perhaps this is simply what will help me be successful and happy. That or cause a heart attack before I’m thirty. Either way.

Picture Background: Addam Hassan, Flickr

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