– Does it live up to it’s name?

When you call your company CoolStuff, you are setting your customers some pretty big expectations. Thankfully, meet and then exceed these expectations, as their website is full of… well.. cool stuff! They invited me to choose a few things from the website that I would like to try and usually with brands this process is pretty quick. A few hours later however, I had a pretty beefy list of things I wanted! I spent even longer narrowing this down to an acceptable list of things to ask for! 


CoolStuff were super generous and set me the following things to try out and I’ve been having a whale of a time! 


Cereal Dispenser

With a doubt, this is my favourite. I have wanted some of these since I saw on Louise Pentland’s Youtube channel that they were something you could get outside of a hotel. My favourite part of any hotel stay (aside from sleeping, which I love) is breakfast, and there is something exciting about cranking out your own cereal from one of these do-hickies. It’s been. Few weeks now and I am still just as excited every day! Some cereal, we are finding, works better than others, for example, Steven’s boring stuff, like Muesli, really lends itself to these dispensers, where as slightly stale, off-brand ‘Honey Loops’ do not. If you want to feel fancy AF at breakfast time, you can get your own set of two HERE.


Daddy Bear Screwdriver set

I like to think I am the flatpack queen. I can whip up a Kallax unit quicker than you can make a cup of tea! However, whenever we need a screwdriver in this house, it seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth. Not with this little pal however! He is far too cute to be relegated to a dusty toolbox and instead sits happily on a shelf, ready for action. With 6 different fittings, there isn’t a screw you won’t be able to tighten, no matter how complicated the instructions! I love the idea that we will be able to use this adorable little bear to put together baby W’s nursery furniture, rather than a paint-covered, 100-year-old Phillips! 


Mini Lightbox

I know, I know, I’m a damn cliche but I love a good light box! I’ve been wanting a full-sized one for ages, but with the pegboard and various other blogger-fads taking up space, I have been restraining myself. However, there’s always room for a fridge magnet, and this guy is a lot bigger than I was expecting! It takes batteries, and comes with all the letters you need to spell out love declarations/crude words. 


KitchPro Digital Scale

I love me a gadget! This cool looking jug not only works in the conventional way of measuring out liquid, but it also works as a digital scale for dry ingredients too! It’s so simple, even a cookery-novice like myself can use it, and kid myself that I am Mary Berry, even when I’m using a packet mix of cookies! This is such a good gift for someone moving into their own home, or someone who fancies themselves a bit of a master chef. 


Whether you’re looking for a gift for someone special, or want to treat yo’self it is worth heading over to – but block out a few hours in your diary! 


Thank you do Coolstuff for sending me these bits! I will only ever work with companies I liked and would use myself, and this won’t stop me from giving my honest opinion. 



  1. I love that you even make cereal dispensers sound exciting! Admittedly, I do agree that the screwdriver bear is absolutely genius, but my favourite has to be that jug scale- how handy!

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