A Very Codiekinz Christmas! (Or why I am glad I didn’t get a Michael Kors watch)

Merry Christmas all! I hope you’ve had a lovely, relaxing (haha!) holiday with family, and are full of good tidings and happiness. I’ve had a great Christmas, as always. We spend the actual day with Steven’s family as there are four children, and Christmas is way more exciting with small, excitable children! We visit my family after Boxing Day, to draw out the festivities and make the most of it. At the grand old age of 23 and childless, I still embrace Christmas as my favourite day of the year, however every year it seems to last less time and fly by quicker!
Your second Christmas in a relationship is an odd one, I feel. The first Christmas you are testing things out, not sure how to do things but excited to do it all for the first time. The second one, however, is where precedents have been set and you have to find things to buy the person that you’ve known for a year longer now. Last year, I was really confident in my present choice, as was Steven, however, with a new apartment to pay for and so many presents previously bought, it was a lot harder to buy this year. That’s not to say Steven didn’t get me amazing gifts! I’m certainly not a Micheal Kors watch or Pandora bracelet kinda girl – as pretty as they might be, they’re just not me. Luckily for me my beloved understands this, and rather than buying me a generic girlfriend gift, hits the mark every time. For example this year, he got me some patterned Duck Tape (Bare with me here! I use it for crafting and I collect different designs), A Yoshi Macbook decal, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Headphones (!!! I LOVE TMNT, and big headphones – they are amazing), a really lovely bag (It’s not only stylish, but also big enough for me to fit everything in which is difficult for a hoarder like me. It’s also made by a brand who promote individual artists, karma and peace :)), he made me my own set of Cards Against Humanity and finally the blender I have wanted FOREVER! I was going to buy it after Christmas, unbeknownst that Steven had already got me it – so expect lots of smoothie posts! The presents were so perfectly thought out and individual to me and that’s what I love.

This was also a year of many, many proposals. It’s so exciting to see people I know getting engaged, and hopefully I won’t be too far off (hint hint Steven!), however I have made it clear that I do not want a Christmas proposal. It’s a lovely idea, but I am a special-day hog. I like to celebrate everything and Christmas is already special, I would want a proposal on a less exciting day, in order to have something else to celebrate. It’s odd logic, I totally get that, and of course I would still say yes, even on Christmas, but I plan to be engaged just once (of course) and I want it to be perfect!

So there’s my Christmas thoughts. I’ve eaten so much I’m pretty sure my tummy is covered in mince-pie induced stretch marks, and Steven’s mum won’t let me be without a drink for more than five minutes. It’s so lovely being surrounded by excited children and happy family and we have an extending Christmas to look forward to when we venture down to Peterborough to see my family!

I hope you’ve had a great Christmas!


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