A Christmassy Absence & Codiekinz Update!

Apologies for being so quiet on the blogging front recently, I have bagged myself a new job, with the Big Man himself! Yes, this year I am one of Santa’s Christmas Elves and it is taking up every moment of my time that is not already occupied by my “proper” (for that read ‘less interesting’) job. There are very few other jobs where finish the day with crazy hat hair, hilariously earned bruises and glitter in every orifice, but full of exhausted cheer! I’m a big fan of Christmas, mess and magic, so it’s the perfect job for me! My time has also been taken up with a few side projects, such as trying to fundraise for Play on Verbs (Kickstarter here!) and actually get this blogging thing set up as an actual business! That’s right, I have officially started on the road to becoming a Freelance Blogger, thanks to the wonderful Sophie Lizard from beafreelanceblogger.com and her amazing email course! I have also taken over the social media at work, Edge Hill Students’ Union, which is a big responsibility and is another social media job under my belt. No to mention Project for Awesome coming up, a whole load of Christmassy blogs and vlogs and my 23rd Birthday! I have some amazing things lined up to share with you, and I promise I am working on them constantly (Sleep?! Pah! Sleep is for the weak!).
Until then, posts might not be quite as frequent as they were during NaNoWriMo, but I hope they will be worth the wait!


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