I think we can all agree that the Apple Live Stream was a mess. Running home to set up the Stream on our Apple TV we were heartbroken to see an error message. When we finally got a picture we have Chinese dubs. We had the stream cut out and restart multiple times and a quick search on Twitter showed we were not the only ones – Jobs must be furious! This means this blog could be missing some important features! Also, it was written live, so apologies if it is terribly written!
But about the phone! A lot of leaks were correct, thinner and bigger. Apple have launched the 6 as predicted and the 6+, which at 5.5inches is practically a Phablet. The important issue, as always is the bloody battery life! It’s all very well giving us amazing new additions but when the phone dies before noon, what’s the point? Excitingly, the 6+ boasts exponentially longer battery life, including the audio time going from 40 hours with the 5s, to 80 with the 6+. Some things are improved only slightly, such as 12 hours against 10 for wifi and LTE browsing, however 3G talk has risen from 10 hours to 24. That’s the 6+ however. The iPhone 6 itself, does not have a huge improvement on battery times. Audio has gained 10 hours, but Video and Wi-fi only an hour. LTE has not changed at all. This was, of course, clearly glossed over.

I enjoy the idea of the new keyboard buttons for ‘cut’ ‘paste’ etc, because there are times where this can be temperamental to use on the current iPhone.

I’m a bit unsure about ‘reachability’. Have we really become so lazy that it is too much effort to touch the top of our screen? We would rather the display moved down to meet our RSI ridden thumbs…

As someone who doesn’t ever use the screen rotation on my phone (it makes it hard to do stuff lying down, and I spend as much life as possible laying down…) I wasn’t overly excited by this new development, however I do have to appreciate the way things change when you turn landscape on the new phones.

It’s safe to say that iPhone cameras are better than most cameras that you can buy as an amateur photographer now (bad news for professionals, everyone with an iPhone is a ‘photographer’ now!) and with the new camera features the momentum doesn’t look to be slowing down. For those of us who have awful eye sight (should that be iSight?!) more pixels doesn’t mean a great deal, but the new slo-mo camcorder looks like it could be a few hours fun.

I like the idea of the Health feature, so long as it works as well as it seems to! It’s right up my street and I’ve always been let down by Apps that claim to do this kinda thing.

My lovely boyfriend has been raving about NFC for ages, and I have never been interested, simply because it was not popular enough for it to work well enough. If anyone can change this, it’s Apple.

ApplePay is an equally wonderful and dangerous idea. How many people will drunkenly buy rounds for everyone at the bar, just because it’s so easy? I am a big fan of my contactless card, it makes me feel like a badass, so being able to do it with my phone would be even cooler. It looks beautifully easy (it is Apple after all!) Just so long as it’s all as secure as they say! You will however, still have to carry your card because you know how likely it is that your phone will die just before you get to the checkout! Also, I would have no money on my card because I would have spent it all on this phone…!

I’m glad they’re utilising Passbook more, it’s a great idea but I’ve only ever used it twice. Ever.

Shipping starts in September 19th in the US, so the people who have allegedly been camped outside Apple’s flagship store for a week have wasted their time!

We all knew an iWatch was coming, but I didn’t expect it to look so damn sexy! I don’t even wear a watch and I want one for the look alone. I’m so impressed at the different styles available, they’ve really thought about this and it’s wearable! BUT! I don’t need it. There’s nothing it offers that is missing in my life, and it would just be a status symbol. I like the features, but I can imagine them just being a bit of a novelty, rather than enhancing my life as much as I could easily be led to feel. That said, the dictating messages is a cute feature, but again, I can do that on my phone. The phone I need to have for this watch to work. Which is a clever thing, because it has a load of features that would render a phone a lot less useful. The maps is a nice idea, but again, is looking at your map app really such a chore that it’s better to feel vibrations. Just because it can be done, does it mean it should? But also, I like the idea of a walkie-talkie watch. If I end up getting one, please don’t judge me on this review!

I realise I might come across as a little negative in this review. I actually love the new phones. & the technology on the watch is incredible. I’m an unashamed Apple Fan Girl, however I like to be honest and realistic. I am going to get the phone when my contract runs out, (probably before because I’m stupidly impatient!) and there are some amazing features and a sleek as hell design. I don’t particularly want a bigger phone (I stupidly keep mine in my bra…) but I don’t want to miss out on the extras you get with the 6+ as opposed to the slightly less exciting 6, so I will probably end up walking around with a phone too big for any pocket I own.

My opinion really isn’t overly relevant to anyone. I know that. I’m a girl who owns too many Apple products and has smashed 2/3 of them (touch wood my MacBook stays safe!). I wasn’t even that into this kinda stuff until Steven enticed me into his world, but now I find myself using pretentious phrases like ‘Clean interface design’ in daily life. Still, everyone has an opinion, and that was mine.




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