Advice from an old-ish lady

As it nears to the end of the first term of my third, and final (gulp!) year, I can’t help but reflect back on the past 3 years, and how dramatically my life has changed.


In first year, as a naive Fresher with terrible hair, I would come home from my 9pm classes, pre-drink in the shower and spend several nights a week dancing, drinking and making friends with strangers in bars. I would complain about the workload (If only I knew!) but go to every class. I would spend many a sleepless night in the LINC desperately trying to finish an essay due in hours later, and do day-long radio shows on the previously named radio station, L:39. I dyed my hair pink, blue, green, purple, a different colour every week, on a constant hunt for love. Towards the summer I took on, what then seemed like ‘far too much’, but by this years standards was a breeze! I was in several people’s dissertation performances and aspired to become a performer.

In second year, living in a mouldy house with 6 other people, life wasn’t quite as rosy. I went out a lot less, got a job as a Student Guide (great people, free food) and became a little reclusive. Again the workload piled on and I envied first year me, breezing along like nothing was a problem. I took a dance class that I was terrible at, cried at least once a day, had my appendix removed and decided my calling was in my own performance art pieces – not the kinda thing I could show my mum..


And now Third year. I’m in bed by 10pm on an ideal night, I’m juggling four jobs, Amnesty International Soc & VibeEvents. I have a steady boyfriend, I knit for fun, I drink wine by choice, not just to get drunk, and do so in the comfort of my own home. And I want to be a Primary Teacher. In fact, I have a full life-plan. I want to be VPFAS next year, apply to teach the year after, and travel every year during the six weeks holiday. I’m going to start saving, and improving my credit rating (!!!) and I’m starting to feel like I’m almost, sort of growing up… Despite my odd socks, Zombie earrings and Superhero T-shirt.

So I have some advice:

First years – Enjoy and embrace! It gets harder, so much harder, but first year is the most fun, cherish it!

Second years – The urge to give up will come weekly, do not do it, you can do this!

Third years – Eat Chocolate Spread from the jar, curl up in ball often, & hug each other, a lot. This may be the only way to get through the last stretch of your degree and then it’s out into the wide world of post graduate unemployment, where it’s no longer appropriate to wear a onesie to the shops… Can’t wait(!

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