A fun way to gift money for a wedding

When we got married, we asked for money towards our American Roadtrip honeymoon and we had such generous gifts from our guests which allowed us to have the best time ever. So when our friends asked for money for their wedding gift, I was more than happy to oblige. However, there’s something about just putting some money in a card that just isn’t my vibe. So I decided to come up with a more fun way to gift someone money for a wedding and a few people asked for a tutorial. 

Step 1: Kick Barbie out of her convertible

I started with a plastic knock-off Barbie car from B&M. It was important that this DIY was cheap – after all, the idea is to gift the money to the Bride and Groom, not to spend it on making the gift. It cost around £7 and my boys were so excited to have a new Barbie doll to live with fireman Sam, the Sylvanian Families and an assortment of trains in their dolls house. 

I knew I wanted a fairly big car, just so I had plenty to work with, and I ideally wanted a back window to graffiti on, however that just wasn’t looking possible, so I just improvised with this one. I don’t know if anyone even does the whole “just married” car decorating anymore – not at any wedding I’ve been to – but it’s so iconic. 

Step 2: Get doodlin’

I used my paint pens to write on the car itself. They’re so easy and vibrant, and they dry perfectly, so they’ll last. I did the classic “Just married” on the back, and then some hearts on the side. Then I got paint-pen-happy and decided to write a lyric on the bonnet of the car, from one of Kiah’s favourite bands, My Chemical Romance. I just felt like it gave it a nice personal touch. 

Speaking of personal touches, I printed off a personalised number plate that I designed up in Canva, and a picture of the pair that again, I used Canva to jazz up. I just stuck these to the car and embraced the homemadeness of the whole thing. 

Finally, the important bit. I got some £5 notes and folded them in half lengthwise, before rolling up. I secured them carefully with Washi tape, because I knew it would peel off fine without damaging the money. The idea was that they looked like little cans trailing the car. I would have liked to have also got a load of mini toy cans to add too but I was on a time crunch and I still thought it looked really effective.

I know, I could have just put money in a card and achieved the same thing but this was so fun for me to make! I also know how exciting it is to open presents even silly ones. 

At the reception, they had to move some gifts to get a photo and ended up seeing the car in the gift bag and their reaction was amazing. That’s before they even saw the money rolled up at the back. I was so glad that we got to see their unbridled joy and utter glee at this silly gift in person. I especially love that they seemed genuinely thrilled by a random toy car with cutouts of their faces in it, and were not even surprised that that’s a gift that we would give them. 

So there we have it! A fun, silly and unique way to gift money for a wedding. You can spend as much or as little time and money on this project as you wish. If you use a secondhand, or charity shop car it’ll be cheaper, or if you’re feeling flush there are plenty of cool cars online. I just used a basic at-home printer, but again, you could up it by getting it professionally printed, or make it cheaper but more personalised by drawing the happy couple. 

I’d love to know the best way you’ve ever been gifted money and what you think of this idea! 

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