#AD: Cats Vs Pickles New Reversible Plushes!

Hey cool cats and pickles! 

One thing I didn’t predict to be a big part of life with a 3 year old is kissing several squishy cats and cuddley pickles from his Cats Vs Pickles collection goodnight every night – and this boy has a lot. So imagine his absolute delight when we were gifted two of the amazing reversible plushes to celebrate the new collection?! 

Cats Vs Pickles was born out of those hilarious videos of cats being scared of pickles which gave us all a good laugh, and I have to admit, I really love these little plushes. Although I am a massive cat person, I have such a soft spot for the pickles because they’re just so goofy looking and I love that. However, with the reversible collection, you no longer have to choose between Team Cat or Team Pickle, depending on your mood or paw-tonality. 

Alongside our little Cats Vs Pickles characters, we now have reversible Kitty Cake and Frosted Flo and then Psychedeli-Kitty and Groovy Gil. Frosted Flo is my personal favourite but Ruben loves Kitty Cake. The original beans are small enough to be brought along on days out, played with in the car or even work to keep Roo occupied at a restaurant, whereas these reversible characters are super squashy for bedtime, or cuddling up to watch a movie. Ruben feels pretty proud of himself to now be able to reverse them on his own, so I’ll catch him regularly flipping between   Cat and Pickle. 

I’m not going to lie, when we are sat chatting, I’ll often find myself squishing one of the little bean-filled toys in my hands absentmindedly – they’re so soft just really lovely to play with. Hilariously, we often find them being put in toy airplanes, wooden dolls houses and play kitchens as part of Ruben’s imaginative play and it just really tickles me. We’ve even converted a few friends and their children into collecting them too as they are just a lot of fun. 

I’m sure Ruben will be super excited to show off his new ‘magic’ reversible plushes Kitty Cake & Frosted Flo and Groovy Gill!  

If you want your own Cats Vs Pickles reversible plush, they are available at Smyths Toys Superstores and The Entertainer. I’d love to know if you already have any in the comments below, or who would be your favourite! 

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