28 Day Jumpstart prep!

So as I mentioned yesterday, the 28 Day Jumpstart starts tomorrow and there was a whole lot of stuff I needed to do today in prep for the next few days. The first thing I made were the Cherry Pie Fridge Oats in these super cute jars from Ikea. They recommend making three and popping them in the fridge ready for your first three breakfasts. The first one I did kinda guess on the measurements as it was in American scales (1 cup etc), but by the second and third I remembered that the internet has the ability to translate these into measurements I can do, so hopefully they will all come out okay! I had a bit of an accident where I knocked the cherries on the floor, which had thankfully just been cleaned, but it was the start of a pretty clumsy day!FullSizeRender
I also made three lots of the Roasted Veggie Power Bowls. I used carrots, mushrooms and red peppers for mine. I am, however the worst ever snack-chef. By that, I mean I eat a little bit of everything I cook. Every time. This is why I only ended up with enough mushrooms for one day… Doh! I also had a big issue when I was trying to drain the water from the rice. I somehow tipped the whole thing into the sink…! I managed to salvage some of it but not before swearing very loud at the top of my voice!

Finally, I made the Chocolate Chip Cookie Doughettes. I was not convinced I was going to love these but holy cow are these delicious! Just some peanut butter, oats, vanilla and dark chocolate chips – NOM!

I’ve also put a few little snack in some little boxes (£3 for a pack of 14 – thanks Ikea!) including a few squares of dark chocolate. I don’t usually like dark chocolate but I think I could grow to enjoy it after this challenge – chocolate is chocolate after all!

So, I have my snacks prepared, my #FitGirlMantra heart on the fridge and workout plans for the week – bring it on!

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