23 things things to do whilst I am 23!

I am currently writing this as a full-on 23 year old! I have decided to mark this occasion with a list of 23 goals that I would like to achieve between now and my next birthday (when I will be 24!!!). Here goes!
1. Give blood 3 times

2. Visit the Isle of Wight to see Paul & The Baggetts

3. Make a success of my personal blog (this is deliberately vague!)

4. Launch my freelancing services… (Watch this space!)

5. Get to 200 Subscribers and 10,000 views on my Youtube channel.

6. Perform a poem I’ve written in front of a crowd.

7. Release an eBook. Even if it doesn’t sell, just release it.

8. Clock up 100 hours of volunteering before my next birthday

9. Get another tattoo (Sorry Pam!)

10. Spend a weekend in London

11. Travel on a first class train just once

12. Successfully plan and execute a surprise

13. Win something

14. End the year with savings, even if it’s not much.

15. Pass my damn driving test!!!

16. Give up something for lent

17. Grow my hair (long enough to cover my nipples!)

18. Launch ‘Play on Verbs’

19. Cook a three course meal for friends (that everyone survives!)

20. Visit 3 European cities

21. Read 30 books!

22. “Unplug” for 48 hours

23. Improve my yoga practise

It’s a weird mixture of professional and trivial, measurable and vague, but hopefully by this time next year, I will be able to say I at least tried my best to tick them all off!

What do you think? Are these doable? Have you ever made a one-year bucket-type list?


  1. That’s some list! A couple of years ago I did a Day Zero list of 100 things in 1000 days. I loved the challenge!

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