I am not usually one to join weird internet sites that promise to make you money, I am always terrified I’ll do something wrong and end up bankrupt of what little money I actually have and it’ll be my own stupid fault. On the plus side, this means I am incredibly cautious when it comes to things like this, so if I recommend something, you know it has been thoroughly and obsessively researched! Today’s example, Topcashback! The lovely lady who showed us around our new apartment was a mine of money making knowledge – perfect for a couple of graduates moving in to their first home! When she mentioned this site that gave you money back on your online purchases, I was simultaneously intrigued and suspicious! She showTopCashBack_Reviewed me her account, where I could clearly see she had earned nearly £400 and assured me that this was after having actually withdrawn some(!!!)
But I’m getting ahead of myself. Cashback sites are pretty common it seems, and Topcashback is a pretty highly rated one. The basic idea is that you sign up, and search for an online retail website, so for example, Argos. You click through and Topcashback logs your visit but sends you through to the usual Argos site. From then on, anything you buy through that website generates a predetermined percentage of cashback for you. It doesn’t cost you anything extra, it just gets added to your account and you can withdraw it in cash, or vouchers. You also get bonus’ for referring other people, for example, if you were to sign up via this link: you’d get a little somethin’somethin’ (usually £5 in your account but it changes depending on when you sign up, and I get a little kickback. Then it generates you a code and anyone who signs up via your code earns you some dosh too!

It’s hard to explain these things without seeming a little spammy, and I am yet to find a way, but let me say this – I love this website! I’ve bought a few cheeky house things off the Tesco website and earned myself a few quid. I plan to do most of my shopping online anyway, so the cash I accumulate will make a nice little gift to myself ready for the January sales. The compatible website are everything from supermarkets, to airlines and insurance so there really is no reason not to in my opinion!

Don’t forget, if you want to sign up, please do it via and when your own code is generated – share it like crazy! Happy spending (and saving!)!



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