WTF I’m engaged!

Holy crap balls, I am engaged. I, Codie Louise Austin, who has no matching socks or earrings, who would eat chocolate for breakfast every day, who still thinks farts are hilarious, am getting married!
For as long as I can remember, Steven and I have discussed marriage. It’s always seemed like a given, the only question was when? As a couple who can’t keep anything from each other, I knew it was going to be this year, but as someone who can’t deal with surprises and not knowing things it’s been difficult!

So yesterday, on our two year anniversary, I was given a letter in the morning that explained I would be picked up from work by someone and that I should ‘await further instruction’. This made me super nervous; I felt like a child not knowing who was picking them up from school! Thankfully I was picked up by Steven’s best friend, and he took me home to get changed into the new dress I bought this weekend. I’ll probably do a post on this dress alone at some point, because it was a pretty cool find. Anyhow, there was another letter when I got home, that said I had until 6.15pm to get ready, before being picked up by Steven’s cousin, who happens to be a taxi driver. It was raining really heavily at this point and my dress is definitely intended for the sunshine so I sadly had to put my coat over the top – Boo!

As we drive I began to see vaguely familiar places, before I realised we were in Southport… Before I knew it we were at Steven’s parents’ house. Honestly, at this point I was super confused. If we were coming here for dinner, why all the secrecy? After a glass of wine in the living room with Steven’s mum, I was greeted by my lovely boyfriend and escorted out into the garden under an umbrella. It looked like a fairy garden, a taverna with candles (real and fake), lights, ‘Fizz on ice, blankets and  a very welcome heater. We sat together with music playing, eating soup and steak and curly fries. I needed a wee so my love escorted me again. I knew there was something he didn’t want me to see yet, so when I came back from the loo, and he asked me to close my eyes, I figured he was taking me back to our little hut. Next thing I know, he tells me to open them and he is on one knee. With a ring box. I always said I wouldn’t do the cliche hand-over-mouth thing, but I did. I made lots of very ugly noises as I pulled him up and nodded furiously. We kissed and hugged for way longer than usual (during which time I called him a ‘bastard’ in true, classy Codie style) before he pushed me back and reminded me there was a ring to put on! It was so beautiful! The band is really thin which is what I had wanted, but it is also hella sparkly and for someone who doesn’t wear rings, it’s a very odd experience!

So there you go, that’s my engagement story! It still doesn’t feel real! I keep asking Steven if he’s definitely sure! It’s been lovely how many people have wished us good luck and congratulations – It’s my most liked and commented status EVER! Steven had already asked my Mum & Nanna’s permission, and my closest friends knew, but it was nice to tell people in person too!

My first day as an engaged lady has been surreal! I booked the morning off work, and got changed a thousand times because nothing looked special enough! (You can’t rock a ring this beautiful for the first time with a scratty old hoody!) The sun was shining and we had a celebratory McDonalds. I got to work to find posters and balloons and shiny stars on my desk – it was so lovely! They gave me our first engagement card and a lovely money pot to start saving. Then I got a huge bouquet of flowers delivered to the office from some lovely friends – Being engaged kinda rocks!

So now we plan! Of course, with planning comes blogging, so brace yourself for that! I’m a fan of cute weddings! In fact, I had a Pinterest board since before I even met Steven, but always said I wasn’t going to get married… How things change!



Best of Worst


  1. That is the cutest thing EVER!! How adorable that he did all that…..huge congratulations and thanks for linking up an awesome ‘best’ to the #bestandworst can’t wait to follow your wedding planning! 🙂 x

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