What Am I Doing with my Life: 2017 Edition

I feel that this is a running theme in my world. Like, what actually am I doing with my life?!

The answer at the moment is working too much and neglecting my poor blog(s) and Youtube channel. When writing is your job, and you make vlogs for a client, it’s easy to forget about the OGs like your own personal blog – which is exactly what I have done for the past year! 

I have a huge amount of ideas for series’ and stand-alone posts, as well as enough posts for my wedding blog (because we totally get married this year – EEE!) to last for years! I’m going to make an effort to be more consistent with my blogging and Youtube videos this year – so feel free to hold me accountable! 

My overall goal for 2017 is to use my time more wisely. As I’ve mentioned (a million times) before, I struggle a lot with my health and spend my days being really bloody tired. My current cycle is working far too hard to get stuff done, and then crashing even harder for a while, napping to recover. It’s just not a sustainable way of living.

After speaking to a CFS specialist, I’ve realized this and I’m going to try and use my time better and give myself chance to rest between doing things. This won’t necessarily mean doing more things, but it shouldn’t mean doing less things either, and ideally it will make me more productive but feel healthier and happier too – here’s hoping!   

So this is just a quick update on where I’m at, and where I’m (hopefully) going so you know I haven’t forgotten you entirely and I will be back! I’m currently working on a huge review of all the books I read in 2016 so watch this space, and I will be uploading a video in the next few days. 

But for now, au revoir! 


  1. I absolutely love this pose and it’s so relatable! Having time for blogging along with everything else is such a struggle but hopefully 2017 will be the year!! I hope your health remains good and congratulations on your wedding! ? xx

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