Tween Christmas Gift Guide*

Disney The Little Mermaid Kiss The Girl Pink Sweater With Sleeve Print

I love this sweater, but there is no way I could pull it off. I imagine as a tween you could absolute rock this while filming Tiktoks and singing along to Ariana Grande (my knowledge of Tweens is limited as you can imagine). I love that the image is a little vintage and aged too. Beauts.

Loungefly Disney Pixar Monsters, Inc. Sully and Boo Cosplay Mini Backpack

This backpack is so FUN! Who doesn’t love a quirky bag, and I adore the iconic look of the Sully and Boo cosplay. I think Loungefly is a great brand for this age because it embodies a childish whimsy but with a much cooler, grown-up vibe. 

Light Up Neon Message Frame

This is a really fun gift that would look great in a tween’s bedroom. It’s a battery-operated light up frame that comes with 3 coloured pens to write cute messages on. 

Tie Die set

I watch a lot of Tiktok for an almost-30-year-old, and if my FYP is to be believed, Tie Dye is back and cooler than ever. This would be such a fun activity to do together on a rainy day and you’d have something nice (hopefully) as a memento. Queue the tie-dye montage. 

LetsGO toyz Wireless Karaoke Microphone

My best friend and I would have loved one of these when we were tweens! We loved putting on shows at the weekend during sleepovers and I’m sure her parents were glad we didn’t get one of these, but it seems so fun. 

Elmer’s Glitter Slime Kit

I love a messy gift, especially if I want to wind up my friends with something for their kids I know that they themselves will hate (which is coming back on me now that I have my own baby!), and apparently everyone is still all about slime. Be the favourite auntie but least favourite sister this year! 

Unicorn Hoodie Blanket DIY

I feel like my goddaughter would enjoy something like this because she’s crafty, unicorns are cool, and you get a practical item at the end that you can be really proud of making. These DIY kits were a staple gift for me and I loved them. 

100 pairs of earrings

Should I be concerned that I kinda love these?! 100 super cute earrings with little fruits, cakes, flowers, animals and shapes on them so you can mix and match. 

Fortnight Bedding

If you’ve got a little Fortnight-loving tween, this is a great gift. It’s practical (yay!), but something they will enjoy and will show that you understand their interests. 

Minecraft Annual 2021

I’m so glad that Annuals are still a thing. They have always been as much a necessary part of Christmas presents as a selection box, and I just love that they can be found on everything from Football and Toy Story to Pokemon and Dr Who – this one is Minecraft. A great way to gift a book to someone who might not be a bit reader. 

Be a warrior, not a worrier postcard

Y’all know I’m all about children and young peoples’ mental health and I thought this was a really sweet postcard that would make a nice gift in a little frame. It’s a sweet little powerful reminder that you are there for them.

Why Your Parents Are Driving You Up the Wall and What To Do About It

I feel like I needed this book as a tween and teen and I can’t think of anyone who couldn’t benefit from this. I think it would be a good one from a sibling to a younger sibling, but maybe make sure your parents know you’re doing it first haha. 

I think being a Tween at Christmas seems pretty fun right?

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