Toddler Christmas Gift Guide*

Some of the items in the gift guide have been gifted in exchange for a review, others are affiliate links, but all are things I love. 

I can’t believe my little Roo is going to be 2 just before Christmas! A lot of the presents we got him are from the Aldi wooden toy sale – you can check my haul out here. But here are some other bits and bobs that I think would be great for a toddler.

Rocking Caterpillar

How much fun does this look?! I wish we had room for one of these (maybe in the next house?!), because it just looks so sweet. I think this would be a gorgeous main gift and loved by a little one.

Look Up! by Nathan Bryon

I love books. and this one has been described as “life-affirming”! The illustrations are beautiful and I like reading about stuff to do with space (although I wouldn’t venture there myself), and I love that it’s an award-winning book with a Black girl as the hero.

Name Puzzle

A wooden puzzle is a great gift, and something personalised – even better! This would be a great way to teach letters and help your toddler start to recognise their own name. I like that it comes in different colours too.

Montessori Knife

Ruben loves helping in the kitchen. I’ll be honest, it’s mainly with Steven because he is a million times more patient and less of an anxious mess. But he loves climbing up onto his learning tower (made by yours truly!) and “helping”. I love that this will allow him to learn to chop carefully and safely and start to prepare some basic snacks.

Personalised Baby, Cot and Bottle

This is a sweet option for a first baby doll. I like that it’s all soft and squash, but you can still interact with it, such as tucking it up for bed and doing the bottle. We really want to give Ruben a sibling, so I want to get him a dolly this year so he can learn a little more about helping take care of a baby.

Felt Fruit and Veggies

We’ve got Roo a wooden kitchen for his Birthday and I like these felt veggies and fruit for him to play with. I would prefer wood and material over plastic, and this set it affordable and supports a small business.

Foldable Triangle and Climbing Wall

This is another for the bigger-house wishlist. With soft play closed AGAIN, and it being far too cold and wet to visit the park as much as we would like to, this would be perfect. I’ve heard such great things about how much they are played with and how versatile.

Little People, Big Dreams

This is a set of books I really want to collect for Roo, and future children, that I think they’ll enjoy reading as they grow. They have them about Greta Thunberg, Frida Kahlo, Maya Angelou – so many amazing heroes from past and present. They also do board book versions and collections of them too.

The Great Realisation by Tomos Roberts

“We now call it The Great Realisation
and, yes, since then there have been many. 
But that’s the story of how it started … 
and why hindsight’s 2020.

I loved this poem when I heard the author read it on Facebook – I sobbed. So I love that it’s now available in hardback and is such a special reminder of the optimism of this difficult year.

I think this would be such a fun thing to get and take to the zoo or safari park! The compass really works and you can use the camera to pretend to take photos. There is also a penknife, mosquito spray and a water bottle – all in a personalised bag to keep it all together.

What have I missed? Let me know your top toddler buying tips in the comments?


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