The Writing’s on the Wall – A Gift Guide!*

I freaking love Christmas shopping. It is October and I’ve already got a fair few bits already ordered. I’d like to say it’s so I can finish it early but I enjoy it so much that I tend to not stop buying gifts until the very last day (thank you Amazon Prime next day delivery!). So I thought I’d do a few posts on some gift ideas I’m loving. Of course, I can’t post about anything I am actually buying anyone, but I’ve been sent some great PR samples and treated myself to the odd thing (for research purposes obviously!) so there’s plenty to talk about!


Most of the people around me have grown out of posters, however prints are the grown-up version of these and Bliss Prints has some great choices for dead cheap. They kindly let me order two to check out so I choose these two which I think sum me up the best! You can also order custom prints if there is a quote that your recipient would love. For an extra 20% off, use the code “CODIEKINZ20” and let me see what you buy! 


I bought these cute rose gold photo frames (there are so many lovely frames but because it was just for me I tried to choose something that wasn’t too pricey) and if you put the print in the frame ready for your friend, this will be a fantastic gift. 


How cute is this little easel! Sent to me by the lovely Sophie from the House Nameplate Company, I chose to have this written on it and it is now proudly displayed in the living room with some of our wedding bits. This would be a lovely gift for someone who got married this year and I love the way it comes with the quirky wooden easel too. You can get such lovely house number plates too which I want to buy as soon as we get a house! 


I am obsessed with quotes on postcards. In fact, a few of my friends have joked about the ridiculous amount of them that I have in my office/craft room! These were 49p from a cute little card shop in a Manchester train station. I could have bought more but I tried to be restrained. Again, if you can find frames, or even those cute quote snow globe things, this would be a great gift! 


Finally, (casual plug), myself and my lovely friend Vicky sell cards on our Etsy store that could be used as prints too. We can make custom cards too and they will go perfectly along with the gifts above! 

So there are some of wall-based gifts I think would be amazing (and cost effective!) for Christmas this year! Would you be happy find any of these things in our stocking?! 


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