The Devil’s Work – Mark Edwards

I’ve declared my love for Mark Edwards’ books plenty of times on this blog, however, after reading Catch Your Death and being a tiny bit disappointed (it just wasn’t as amazing as his others!), I was a little wary about The Devil’s Work. I needn’t have worried. In true Mark Edwards’ style, it was breathtaking.

The story follows Sophie Greenwood as she starts her dream job, but something not quite right is happening.

There’s not much more I can say without giving any of the plot away, but it is so full of drama, suspense and twists and turns that it is unputdownable. If you are a regular reader of Mark’s novels, you know to expect a dramatic twist and if you’re like me, you’ll desperately try to second guess it all the way along. It’s fruitless, however because you will never guess. Mark somehow manages to weave a story so intricate that everyone is a suspect – although it always tends to be the person you completely forgot to suspect!

With The Devil’s Work, there isn’t a slow moment, and you really feel like you’re inside Sophie’s head as her world crumbles around her and she struggles to convince anyone that she’s not crazy. I’ve always found this the most terrifying trope in any of Mark’s books; when we know that someone is telling the truth but not even those closest to them believe them, to the point that they even doubt themselves.

The subtle nods and references to characters from Mark’s other novels just add another layer of intrigue and terror, as you realise that there is no escape. Scarier than monsters or ghosts are humans and the very real way in which they can terrorise each other, so stories like this, about revenge and greed are ones that really scare me.

There’s not a lot I can tell you about the story – it’s far too complex to reiterate on a blog, and I wouldn’t want to give anything away – but I would urge you to read Mark Edwards’ books. Whether you’re looking for a new author to fall in love with (start with the Magpies!), or you’ve read a few and were wondering if this one is as good – do it!

(Shout out to NetGalley & Mark Edwards for allowing me a sneaky peak at the ARC for this book!)

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