Wilson in my 20s

Right now, I could not be more busy. I have just started a very intense job, and I have a whole load of important freelance work on the go – I have to write at least 2 articles a day to stay on schedule as well as working full time. Not to mention planning a wedding and trying to blog about it all. FML. So naturally I decided to set myself a stupid reading challenge for this time too.

I have always been a big Jacqueline Wilson fan – her books were such a huge part of my childhood but I struggled to keep up with them as I grew up and eventually I just kinda seemed to not bother. So here I am at 24 and a half and I have challenged myself to read ALL OF THE BOOKS. I headed to google to find out exactly how many books the Queen had written and no one could give me a good answer, but it’s clear that there is a whole load. I do know that it was over 100 in 2014… That’s a lot of books.

I’m going to be realistic and set myself the challenge of reading all books since 1991 – the year I was born. That’s 24 years of books from an author who seems to put out several a year. Wow.

Of course I have read quite a few of these books before but I am excited to read them as a (sort of) adult and see how different they are. I’m going to post reviews and thoughts on the blog and on Twitter.

According to Wikipedia, here are the books I have to read. I might not read them in order as some will be harder to find than others but hopefully between libraries, charity shops, Amazon and friends I should be able to get them all.

* 1991 The Dream Palace

* 1992 The Suitcase Kid*

* 1992 Video Rose*

* 1993 Deep Blue

* 1993 The Mum Minder

* 1994 The Bed and Breakfast Star*

* 1995 The Dinosaur’s Packed Lunch

* 1995 Double Act*

* 1995 Jimmy Jelly

* 1995 Love from Katie

* 1995 My Brother Bernadette

* 1995 Sophie’s Secret Diary

* 1996 Bad Girls*

* 1996 Mr. Cool

* 1997 The Lottie Project*

* 1997 The Monster Story-Teller

* 1999 The Illustrated Mum*

* 1999 Monster Eyeballs

* 2000 Lizzie Zipmouth

* 2000 Vicky Angel*

* 2001 The Cat Mummy*

* 2001 Sleepovers*

* 2001 Dustbin Baby*

* 2002 Secrets*

* 2002 The Worry Website*

* 2003 Lola Rose*

* 2004 Midnight*

* 2004 Best Friends

* 2004 The Diamond Girls*

* 2005 Clean Break*

* 2005 Love Lessons*

* 2006 Candyfloss

* 2007 Kiss*

* 2008 My Sister Jodie

* 2008 Cookie

* 2010 Little Darlings

* 2010 The Longest Whale Song*

* 2011 Lily Alone

* 2011 Green Glass Beads

* 2012 The Worst Thing About My Sister

* 2012 Big Day Out

* 2013 Queenie

* 2012 Four Children and It

* 2014 Paws and Whiskers

* 2014 Opal Plumstead

* 2015 The Butterfly Club

* 2015 Katy

* 2015 Little Stars

* 2016 Rent A Bridesmaid

* 2016 Clover Moon (to be released)

The ones marked ‘*’ are ones I have read before and of course I’m not counting any of her quiz books or diaries etc.

Wish me luck!

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