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I have legit had my first (decaff) PSL of the season today and it seemed only fitting that I use it as fuel to finally do the 10 Basic Confessions Tag by my lovely pal Kiah. I love the idea that we are celebrating our basic bitch-ness, rather than feeling ashamed about it. I know my brand – y’girl is as basic as they come and I am so okay with that. 

Rose gold

My love for rose gold knows no bounds and I am so okay with that. My Macbook, iphone, iPad and Apple Watch are all in rose gold and honestly, it fills my basic little heart with so much happiness. I love that it all matches too! We have a load of rose gold accents in our house too because a) they’re everywhere and b) they look super cute with anything. So our bedroom is grey, with flamingo wallpaper and so many rose gold accents. Rose gold lamps, rose gold candle holders, rose gold ornaments. I cannot resist.

Cacti & succulents 

I do feel like I am a bit of a cactus hipster (but not as much as Kiah!). 5 years ago, our first joint purchase was a mini cactus that we called Spike and I accessorised for the Insta-posts (I know what I’m about!). Then in the past year or so cacti and succulents have really blown up and I love it! They’re such happy little low-maintenance plants which is exactly what I need. I have them on my desk at work to brighten up the place and even bought an incredible gold-triceritops planter! Baby W has a little romper with them on and one of my favourite dresses is covered in the little plants too. 

Scented candles 

Having a candle burning during the day makes me feel like a fancy bitch. A nice smelling one burning in the kitchen after a good clean makes me feel like I have my shit together. Steven loves them too, so we do end up buying and burning candles as often as we can. I love that cozy life and I will never be sorry. 

Quotes on prints

My friends tease me because everywhere in my house you will find some positive affirmations and basic bitch quotes on cute prints. Most of which are the postcards you can buy from Paperchase, which I’ve put in little frames (rose gold, natch) with quotes like “She believed she could so she did” and this amazing “You will get Theroux this” print which you can buy here. I love them. I will never stop. Never. 

Star signs

I love everything about the stars, especially astrology. I am a typical Sagittarius, adventurous spontaneous and spiritual – a feisty wild child. I will earnestly blame things happening on whichever planet happens to be in retrograde and I love anything with my star sign on. Sorry not sorry.

I’m a blogger

Bloggers are the queens of all things basic. I take pictures of everything, and document my life on Instastories. I’m a v low-key “influencer” (after all, plenty of people have bought the mop I rave about!), and I tweet like it’s my job. Which it is.


I freaking love yoga. Yin yoga, hot yoga, if there was some sort of gimmicky cat and/or wine yoga nearby, I would do that too. I feel like it’s a pretty important part of my life – even if I am currently far too preggers to touch my toes. 

Rose wine and gin

Although it’s been foreverrrrr since I drank (25 weeks in fact!) when I do have a bevvy I love a sweet Zinfandel or a fruity gin. The more Instagrammable it looks, the better. I won’t dwell on this because pregnancy = sober but I am looking forward to celebrating the birth of baby W with a G&T.  


I don’t even know if I say things ironically anymore but I am someone who says “I cannot even”, “literally” and “totes”. I even say deffo on the reg. I am who I am, kids. 

Bath bombs

Baths are a staple of my self-care routine. In fact, it pretty much only consists of eating cereal and reading my Kindle in the bath. I will Boomerang a particularly nice Lush bath bomb with no regrets. My only slight issue is when I try to take a photograph of a smell and realise we are not there yet. 

It was surprisingly easy to find 10 basic things about me! In the spirit of the tag I refuse to be ashamed and will wear my basic bitch badge (oh yeah, bonus round I also love a good pin!), proudly! Thanks Kiah, this was a really fun post to write and I am excited to read other people’s basic confessions too! 

I nominate Sam, Danielle and other Danielle!


  1. I have never wanted everything rose gold in my life as much as I do right now, oh they look so pretty all lined up together like that! Gorgeous! Also big yes to all things yoga, I swear it’s the only thing that keeps me from strangling people most days haha!

    Sarah 🙂

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