Step to It – How to Smash your Step Target on your Fitbit (Other devices are available)

If you know me at all, you’ll know that I am hella competitive. Whether it’s Laser Tag, Monopoly or just a good old fashioned argument, I like to win. So when Steven and myself got FitBits, the game was on. And with two friends joining the ranks, and the addition of a weekly step challenge, my life has become a whole lot walk-ier. (Is that a word? Who even knows. Or cares). 

So, I figured I would write a blog post as to how you too, can get a few extra steps on your counter for the day. 

  1. Walk whilst on the phone. I tend to do this anyway, but now I make phone calls just to be able to pace around. It also reminds me to call my Mum & Nanna (because I am the worst sometimes), so this way I’m being a good (grand)daughter, and upping my step count. Winner winer chicken dinner. 
  2. Get off/on at a different train stop. I did this in Manchester when I worked there, getting off at the earlier, yet slightly further away stop, which also meant that the train was less busy and I got to work earlier. It wasn’t much of a difference, but in terms of steps, I racked them up. Yay me. 
  3. Use walking as a reward. Bare with me here. When | have to write an article for a client, particularly a listicle, I will wait until I have finished one point, and then take a walk, perhaps just to the other room. It breaks up your writing and slowly builds up the step count. 
  4. Walk to the shops. Buy yourself something you don’t need. Walk around other shops. Grow the steps, reduce the money. Ignore the guilt. 
  5. Drink loads of water. It’s good for you, yes, but the amount you’ll need to wee will also make sure you’re constantly on the move. You’re welcome. 

So there are my tips for upping your daily steps. I like to have a good podcast or audiobook in my earphones and I can walk for ages. Ish. That said, this week, my jelly shoes, cute as they are, gave me a blister so bad that my little toe on my right foot is practically eroding away. Gross. But I’m in second place so…! 


  1. Fab tips, its all about increasing daily activity really. I find when I go to the shops my fit bit steps rocket! xxx

  2. Getting those extra steps or bits of activity in during the day is so worth it. I remember doing little extra walking detours when I worked in London … getting off the tube a stop earlier, using the stairs in offices rather than the lifts. It all helps

    1. Oh absolutely! And at least there’s plenty of things to see walking around London 🙂

  3. I do the walk whilst you are on the phone one and really build up my steps with it lol.

    1. Haha, its one of my favourites – thank goodness for mobiles and cordless phones!

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