So, I Quit my Job…

So… I quit my job!
Okay, there’s a little bit more to it than that. It wasn’t a dramatic, slamming doors, “I quit” moment at all. In fact, I shakily handed in my letter of resignation, after spending a good while considering my decision and of course I still have to work my four weeks notice, whilst my boss tries to convince me to stay.

But that doesn’t sound as dramatic at all, does it?



First things first (I’m the realest), my job itself is pretty great, and the company I work for is wonderful. That said, I spend 3 hours a day travelling, spend £250 a month on train fares and spend my life perpetually ill. Having Fibromyalgia (thank you autocorrect), and CFS means that some days, I just struggle to function like a normal human being. I fall asleep on the train, forget words in the middle of a sentence and just generally feel like crap. Fun.

So what’s the plan?

Well, I’ve always intended to go freelance with my writing, and now seems a good time to do it. I’m still young (ish), I have no mortgage, no children and a very supportive partner. Basically, if not now, then when?!

I have a few clients lined up, as well as a few days “odd-jobbing” as it were, to ensure bills are paid. I want to spend an afternoon a week as an Activity Leader in a care home, for some extra pennies, but also because it’s good for the soul.

Working freelance means that I can play to my strengths. I know that I work best in the afternoon – evening (and sometimes at 3am when I can’t sleep), and so I can spend the mornings doing other things, like yoga, or cleaning or cuddling the cat. I like the idea that I will be the captain of my own ship, as it were, and that the world is my oyster. (Note to self: stop using cliches if you want to be a writer dammit!).

I’ve got plans for an eBook and writing an online course, as well as the usual blogging and copywriting jobs that I’ve been doing on the side. Thanks to an amazing 6 months of new experiences and knowledge, I now understand SEO and marketing and feel like I can offer so much more to potential clients.

It also means that if my body needs an afternoon nap, I can do that. I can attend doctors appointments without military precision and I can just generally live.

My blogs and videos will be more consistent and I’ll be offering advertising packages for fellow bloggers. The idea is that I’ll be doing a whole load of things to bring in the dollar, and generally feeling happier and more fulfilled.

I know it’s going to be hard. I’m going to have to hustle everyday and work my arse off, but I’m willing to do that for the privilege of living my dream… And working in a onesie.




  1. Good luck with the next step!! Very much looking forward to reading how it all goes!!

  2. Yes girl! That must have been a terrifying decision to make but I’m sure it will be the right one. I’m really envious actually. I love my job and the commute is really short but I would love to know what that freedom feels like. Good luck with everything. 😀

  3. Good luck! This is such an inspiring post! I myself want to be my own boss. I’m not much of a people person so I want to be able to work for myself but, I’m not sure where to start haha. I hope you enjoy working in a onesie!


  4. Yes Codie!!!Shoot for the Moon because of you fail at least you’ll land amongst the stars.
    You have a Bright & Successful Future ahead of you xxxx

  5. Good luck! Always a place for you at Shinys just as soon as we are in a position to expand our team from me and my cat! Will almost definitely be working with you on a freelance basis though in the near future. 😀 Holler my way if you need anything. xoxo

  6. Good for you, I have fun reading, so I am sure you will be successful. Anyway, Would you like to follow each other? if you decided to follow me on BLOGLOVIN and Instagram please let me know so I can follow you back. Thank you.

  7. That must have been a scary decision to make, but it’s very brave and well done you! It sounds like you’ll feel so much better for it. Best of luck with the new ventures, and exciting that you’ll get more time to spend on blogging and videos 🙂

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