Nutribuddy Multivitamins Review*

My lovely friends at Nutribuddy sent me a sample of their Multivitamins a few weeks ago in exchange for an honest review.
Over the past few months I’ve really been struggling with my CFS & Fibro, feeling run down and generally pretty crappy everyday. So when Nutribuddy asked me which of their products I’d like to try, I didn’t hesitate in choosing the multivitamins. I was recommended multivitamins by a few fellow sufferers, as a way of making sure my body was in the best way to fight fit, even on my rubbish days.

At first, I was a little intimidated by the size of these pills, but they went down pretty easily. They had a very herbal taste which wasn’t hugely pleasant, however it didn’t last long at all. After only a week of taking them, I genuinely feel less tired overall and I have even had less spot breakouts. Despite spending a lot of time in the cold and rainy English weather, waiting for ever-delayed trains, I’m not feeling particularly ill, whereas I usually spend the whole of winter alternating between chest infections, and the flu – fingers crossed!

I was genuinely surprised at the results and am already planning on buying myself another bag when these run out!


Nutribuddy do a lot of other products, mostly based around losing weight. Thanks to a change of medication and Christmas around the corner, I’m indulging myself at the moment, but come January I would like to get fitter, so I would be tempted to try some of the shakes etc. They are very transparent about the ingredients of the products, and each order comes with a handy booklet of useful information, including a 5 day meal plan which frankly looks incredible and I will probably end up trying!

Why not start your New Year off right, by grabbing yourself some too!*

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  1. Hi Codie, wonderful to hear that you’re enjoying the Nutribuddy Multivitamins! Best wishes, The Nutribuddy Team x

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