My Purrfect Gift Box – September*

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I am pretty late posting this because a) I am just generally rubbish, and b) I have been poorly but this is the September Purrfect Gift Box and was one of my favourite so far! The theme was ‘Tea’, and saying goodbye to summer and hello to autumn with cozy cups by the fire. This is my type of evening! 


You are my Cup of Tea Mug – Online exclusive

I’ve been on the hunt for a cute mug for my desk and this is perfect! The cat looks so happy and I like the little quote on the other side. It adds a nice smile to those rainy days that we seem to be getting so many of at the moment! 


Cat-head shaped tea bags – LoJim 

These are so cute my heart could burst! I am putting off using them because they look so cool, but tasting either of saffron or honey, it seems like they are going to taste as good as they look!


Tea bag holder – MiniHandsCrafts

The only way to make a cup of tea better is with a tiny kitty hanging on to the side. If, like me, you always drop the end of your herbal teabag in your tea and burn your fingers fishing it out, these are perfect for tethering the string to. Also, they are adorable and even if you don’t need to use it, you should just let it sit on the side of your cup to keep you smiling 🙂 


Jamie Wax Melt – Paw Melts

If anyone wants to know what to get me for Christmas, I would love a wax melter thingy. I have a lot of wax melts that I’ve been sent (or scent hahaha!) and I love sniffing them, but I would love to actually burn them and get the real benefit. Especially this one as it smells like jasmine! It is also made with organic ingredients and in a super cute paw shape! 


Cat-shaped Biscuits – Nila Holden

These are so pretty! I gave one to my boss as a mid-afternoon pick me up and she loved it! I an’t bring myself to eat mine (yet!) as it is just so lovely, but I’m sure it won’t be long! 


Kit-Tea Catnip Teabags – Paw and Gnaw

When I first saw these I was very confused – why would I want to drink catnip?! Thankfully, I read the packet and it turns out that it is actually a way of brewing your own catnip, how cool is that?! I am excited to give this a try as Squdge LOVES catnip! 


Catnip Tea Bag – FreakMEOWt 

Squidgy went crazy for this cute little teabag toy filled with catnip! Within minutes he’d somehow managed to bust one of the seams however, so I need to sew that up, but it really is a fun toy and quite unusual. 


Homemade Catnip Sweets – Tillypops

These are currently all over my house as Squidge likes to carry them around in his mouth and play fetch. They are light and colourful and he loves them. I love that they are handmade too, it makes them super special.


I say it every time, but I cannot recommend My Purrfect Gift Box enough. There is never a product that I am disappointed in, nor anything that Squidgy doesn’t absolutely adore. If you’re looking for a gift for the cat-lover in your life, you can set up a subscription, or just buy a one-off box. 

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