MDM Flow – How Lipsticks (and Businesses!) Are Made

If you’re anything like me, you just imagine that lipstick is all made the same way, on a big conveyer belt, before finding it’s way to the shops, then your makeup bag, and eventually, your lips.

Turns out, it’s so much more than that. It’s so much more interesting than that, and it’s a freaking science! 

On Saturday, I was invited, along with some other bloggers, to Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar (where I have never dared venture but holy cow is it a dream!) to find out more about lipstick brand MDM Flow.

 I love this picture! This is what happens when you invite Bloggers to an event! 

I love this picture! This is what happens when you invite Bloggers to an event! 

We got there and were offered a glass of bubbly (a sure fire way to my heart) and were introduced to Florence, the actual founder and brains behind the brand. 

This was a big deal to me. Often, when you go to a brand event, you are meeting with someone who works for the company, or someone from a PR company, which is cool an’ all but this was the lady who started it all and that was pretty awesome. 

MDM Flow is inspired by 90’s HipHop – think Kellis, Lil’ Kim, Gwen Stefani, and it’s pretty clear from the gold bullet packaging and bright colours that she’s nailed it. She studied Cosmetic Science(!) at London College of Fashion and worked hard to create her own collection which is massively taking off

We got to watch lipsticks be made by hand, and we were allowed to help choose the colours. It really is such a scientific process, with beakers and scales and the ladies rocking their lab coats. As they were being made, Flo explained where the ideas came from and what she wanted to focus on in her collection. So the idea is that the colours are bold and fun, but look different on everyone’s skin tone. They are designed to be natural, cruelty free and nourishing and conditioning on your lips. She even has a range of liquid matt lipsticks that she worked hard to perfect, making sure they don’t flake or dry out your lips, but they do give awesome pay off with the colour. I swatched these on my hand and come payday I will be a proud owner of one! 

The colours we made were a lovely nude colour, which we named Snog a Blogger (I am taking credit for that!), and an incredible, sparkly pink one called Barbie Unicorn. We were lucky enough to each take one away to try and I can’t wait to wear them out! 

 On the left - Snog a Blogger, on the right - Unicorn Barbie

On the left – Snog a Blogger, on the right – Unicorn Barbie

One thing I loved was Florence herself. She was funny and sassy but also really down to earth and I could have listened to her talk for hours. She’s so charismatic and cool, you just want to be friends with her! Her assistant Liberty was amazing too, she was lovely and answered all of our questions happily. A likeable face of a brand is important to me, and I feel even more connected to the brand than I otherwise would have done.

The lipsticks are reasonably priced (around £18 and worth every penny!) and look super cool in your make up bag. I’m normally quite a cheap n cheerful girl when it comes to lipstick as I never know what is worth splashing out for, however, now I know all of the behind the scenes secrets of MDM Flow, I know I will be being myself a few more of these before the year is out! 

A huge thanks to Florence for inviting me, I had such a great night! 

 Myself and the lovely Jenny

Myself and the lovely Jenny


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