Kitten Kollege*

I make no secret of the fact that I love cats. In fact, if you’ve been around me for more than 5 minutes I’ve probably bored you to death with tales (or tails ;)) of my own furry baby. My phone background is the time my bearded dragon Dobby met Squidge for the very first time. I have cat scarves, jewellery and even an umbrella (thanks to Purrfect gift box). I threw my cat a birthday party for heavens sake. 

I really bloody love cats. 

So when Whiskers approached me about collaborating with them for their Kitten Kollege, there was no chance I was going to say anything but an over enthusiastic yes! This series of videos is all about learning about your kitten, and my personal favourite is this one, which tells you what cats noises mean. 


I firmly believe that Squidge speaks to me (I’m also pretty sure I taught him to wink the other day!) and so I am obsessed with knowing what his noises mean. I’m glad to hear that he is mostly content, but I didn’t know that kittens also purr to calm themselves down if they are feeling anxious. Thankfully, I don’t think Squidge has had a lot of reason to be anxious so all his purring has been happy and content. 

There are other really useful videos full of information, such as how to introduce kittens to one another (I am trying to persuade Steven to get another one so this might be especially useful!) and even how to litter train them.

These videos are also worth a watch, just to see a whole load of adorable kittens all in one place!

Anything about kittens is a winner to me, and if it helps people learn best how to care for their kittens then even better! 



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