I’ve got a Theory

It could be bunnies! 
I have finally, finally passed my bloody theory test! I know I’m 23 and miles behind everyone else, but learning to drive is pricey beans and it’s just such a relief to have passed! If you’ve been following me for a while, you may remember this video filmed just after I failed by one mark! I was heartbroken and it totally knocked my confidence for a while. Thankfully, I got back on the horse (which is likely to go in any direction on a roundabout…) and decided a month or so ago to just book my theory test and give it another go.

This time, I really focussed. Don’t get me wrong, last time I did practise test after practise test using apps on my phone, but when you do that, without doing the pre-learning, you are often just getting lucky with your guesses. For example, if I wasn’t sure on a question, I guessed, and if it was right, it wouldn’t show up, so the next time I would have to guess again. Guessing isn’t the best idea when wanting to pass a test!

I used the two Official DVSA apps to help me revise this time, as you can learn each section, do a short test on it, and keep track of your weak areas. The apps are quite confusing when it comes to knowing which button takes you to the screen you want to be on, but after some exploration you’re bound to find something useful. The past few days, I’ve been doing practise test after practise test, thankfully passing each one – but only just!

Luck seemed to be on my side today however! I’m a big believer in ‘signs’ and good omens, and the fact that the guy who registered me was incredibly friendly really helped. I was also given booth number 3 which is my lucky number.

A whole load of the first few questions were ones I have answered so many times in the past few days on the practise tests and so that set my mind at ease. I also had lots of silly mnemonics to help me remember things I often get mixed up. For example, Snow is no low. Which was to remind me that in snow you drive in a high gear… It works for me!

I was so happy to see that they’ve updated the Hazard Perception section! Last time it was blur of pixels and I may as well have been looking at it without my glasses! This time however, it was much clearer, and I very much enjoyed the sashay the animated people seemed to have as they rudely walked in front of my car – hilarious!

So yeah, I have passed my theory (quite well too if I may say so myself!) and hopefully this will be the push I need to get back learning to drive. Watch out world!

Ps – Please enjoy this video of me driving… badly..



  1. Ahh! Congrats!I passed my theory on tuesday the 14th! It was my third time trying!
    So happy!
    I’ve now booked my driving test for 29th of September!
    Good Luck!
    P.S Love the video!

  2. Well done on passing your theory, I’m a driver and I still don’t know how I passed my theory. I’m always driving and spot a road sign and I’ll be like ‘what is that!?’ and have to look it up haha

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