IKEA Desk Hack

Okay, so maybe I’m being a little generous calling this an IKEA “hack” seeing as it doesn’t require any sawing, or really any extra tools at all, but bare with me because I felt like a damn genius when I did this.

So, some background. When Steven and I moved into our first, proper grown-up (ish) place, we both bought the basic IKEA tables to use as desks because they were cheap and did the job, and looks pretty cool. If you don’t know, IKEA do a cool thing where you can choose the table top of your choice, size, colour etc, and then some legs (or leg-like things), and mix and match to make what works for you. You can get a tiny little top, fancy legs, a trestle bottom, a huge glass surface, whatever you want friend.

So I got the medium sized top, in matte white (which for some reason is cheaper than glossy white…?) and some basic, cheap as chips grey legs. They take seconds (maybe a slight exaggeration but whatever)  to put up and they do they job. I’m a big fan.

For the bedroom, we bought this cool thing (I believe it was called: EKBY ALEX) which is basically just a shelf that you attach to the wall that has drawers. It was the exact width between our wardrobes and so I grabbed it for a dressing table, and it did a great job!

However, I then snagged a super cute, vintage-y desk on a selling site which was perfect for a dressing table (there will be a post on that soon because of course I upcyled it!), so I was then left with this random shelf thing, and no real use for it.

So here’s where the “hack” comes in. By putting it on top of my desk (they are the same width!), I’ve created a multi level desk, with storage – something which is lacking when you are using essentially a table! It leaves enough depth to fit my desk essentials (key board, mouse, notebook, wine etc), but creates so much space – plus it looks super cool!

I jazzed it up a little with some Washi tape around the edges which happens to be the exact right size. In added some cute motivational stickers et voila!

It’s much nicer, and more practical than when it was just the table, and makes me feel more legit when I’m sat here working. It was also hella cheap compared to the price of other desks and I love that it’s unique.


  1. I can’t wait to finish uni and move into my own place purely so I can decorate a room and have a pretty desk! This was a great tip!

    Charlotte x

  2. Your desk is so cute! I love this Ikea hack. I have the same basic Ikea desk and I was trying to think of a way to get my monitor to sit higher. Next time I’m in Ikea I’m picking up those draws!

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