Ideal Bank Holiday Party

As a child, Bank Holidays were when we went to the seaside. Never summer Bank Holidays of course, but on chilly, windy Spring days, we would pile into the car and head to Mablethorpe. As I grew up, and got various jobs, my opinions of Bank Holidays fluctuated. In some roles, Bank Holidays were a glorious, surprise day off; except when working in a night club, when it was an extra day of work, serving those lucky people who had Monday off as they slowly but surely ruined their livers…
Now I’m older still, and with my wonderful new freelance life, a Bank Holiday weekend doesn’t mean a whole lot. If there’s work that needs doing, I should probably do it, regardless of whether banks are open are not.

So, going to a caravan by the sea is out of the question, but thankfully so is making cocktails for rude, drunk people.

I was challenged to plan a hypothetical, ideal, stay-at-home friendship gathering (to some this would be a party, but let’s face it, I am not cool enough for that) for the Bank Holiday weekend, and here are my ‘must haves’:

It’s safe to say that we are the ‘Buzzfeed generation’, and simply serving pizza just won’t do! Thankfully Buzzfeed is full of ‘quick’ ‘cheap’ and ‘easy’ ways of making food look a whole lot more interesting. After all, it needs to be Instagram-worthy too right?

Panasonic Wireless Speaker *
Chances are, we’ll start the afternoon off with some ‘cool’ chart-toppers that we’ll all pretend to be enjoying, before one hero decides that it’s time to start pumping out the 90s cheese. Yes! With these being wireless, they’re perfect for a garden soiree and the bluetooth means we can feel super futuristic!

Garden Fire Pit*
If it’s good enough for Pinterest, it’s good enough for me! If you’re never cooked smores on an actual fire in your garden, well then, you’re probably from England. However, this fire pit is simple to use and if you get just one warm(ish) night, you can kid yourself that it’s a long, hot, American summer.

It’s pretty important to have friends at a gathering such as this, otherwise it becomes a little sad. As I’ve grown up, I’ve learnt that not everyone has to be your friend, and it’s 1000% better to have a few, loyal and wonderful friends, than a group of people who probably wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire. Thankfully, my friends are hilarious, sassy and pretty amazing.

I’d probably crack out some over-competitive boardgames, a bottle or two of rose and cover the floor in various cushions, blankets and bean bags.

Sounds perfect.

What a shame the weather forecast is so rubbish!


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