How my optimism has failed me…

Generally, in my everyday life, I’d like to think of myself as pretty low-maintenance. When it comes to buying gifts, for example, family and friends often remark how easy it is to buy for me. I don’t want diamonds or designer clothes, a battered old book, novelty socks or craft supplies would make me much happier!

So when it came to planning for the wedding, I figured my vision of a beautiful, outside, rustic-themed ceremony was pretty low-maintenance too…

How bloody wrong I was!

The first issue was finding a Pinterest-worthy venue amongst the pages and pages of stately homes and organza-bow-covered chairs (for some reason, these really offend me!). It seems there are two types of outdoor wedding in the UK. One, the fancy, Lord and Ladies, English country tea. The other, a more quirky, less sophisticated, countryside ceremony. Obviously, we wanted the latter.

After finding a few places that fit the bill, we came across another fly in the proverbial ointment.

Actual, legally binding wedding ceremonies, performed outdoors, are pretty rare. The rules on having a licence for this are pretty strict. But only in England. The rest of the UK is much more chill about these things it seems.

The places that were aesthetically perfect, but licence-wise, pretty dubious, suggested that we get married a few days before on the sly in a registry office. I’m not a fan of this idea personally. If I’m going to get married (which, y’know, I am), I want to do it properly, in front of my nearest and dearest (And those who I am socially obligated to invite!).

So we managed to find one or two lovely places that had a proper, legal wedding licence – Yay! Trouble over right?


I totally get that weddings are pricey. I had expected it to be a lot. But holy cow, this is looking to be hella expensive! Having your reception in a tipi involves paying for aforementioned structure, plus lighting, plus insurance, plus catering, plus drinks, plus security, plus camping for guests and more! Even with my money-saving tips and bridal DIYs it’s looking to be more than expected.

That said, we are going to look at a venue on Saturday in Norfolk. It is beautiful and incredible and I love it already. So… I guess we need to get saving!

Anyone wanna buy an organ?!

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