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Girllll, it is Christmas (almost!) and I am losing my damn mind. It’s my favourite time of year and I love buying presents, so when my pals over at asked if I wanted to feature some of their fun products, I was all over it! (You may remember the advent calendars I showcased from them last year. 


So we are in the process of buying a house (yaaaas!) and so I wanted the theme for these gifts to be fun homeware for your friends that are grown up enough to be buying a house but also not so grown up that they will want something boring. It’s a long theme but I think it represents Steven & I, and several of our friends too. 


I chose two things of my own from which I absolutely love, but there were a few other items that need mentioning too first. 


Rose Gold Elephant Ring Holder

I love everything rose gold and if I wore more than just my wedding rings I would have gone for this little guy because he’s adorable! If you are looking for a cute but functional gift for a ring-wearing lady in your life then you can’t go wrong with this! 


Personalised ‘Our Story’ Timeline Canvas

I’m super sentimental so stuff like this is just the best for me. I love that you can completely personalise it with different milestones in your relationship. This would be a great gift for a couple who have just gotten married.  I think I would like to get one of these once we have had a baby to add to the important dates, it’s so lovely! 


Oh Whale Butter Dish

Do I need a butter dish? No. I use spread from the fridge. But I want to adopt this little guy into my home forever. I want to eat fancy cheeses and artisanal breads for brunch and use my whale butter dish and show him off to all of my friends. You could use this adorable sea creature to hold a bar of soap I guess! He would fit in so well!


Now on to what I did get! 


Personalised ‘Baked with Love’ Mixing Bowl

This is a gift for Steven’s Mum but she doesn’t read my blog very often and we have got her some other gifts so I don’t feel too bad for posting this on here. I was tempted to get this personalised with my name on but let’s be real, I use Children’s packet cakes and still manage to mess those up, whereas Pam is always baking and hopefully she will repay me for this kind gift with her amazing Hungarian Chocolate cake. This bowl feels like really good quality and and I love the detail on the side. It’s personalised in two places and you can have 12 characters so if you wanted to have “Nanny Pam” from the grandchildren that works too!


Balloon Lamp

If you follow me on Instagram, you will have seen me playing around with this on my stories – it’s even cuter in real life than it looks on photographs! This would be perfect for a nursery or a child’s room as it is plastic and even after being knocked over by Squidge a few times, it is still perfect. It’s USB so it can be plugged into one of those millions of iPhone plugs that you have lying around (and yet you can never find a wire!), or directly into your computer. We’ve just installed a load of those USB plugs around the house so that is super handy for this! The button is cleverly hidden on the end of the balloon and you can let it cycle through various colours or press the button again to keep it on one specific colour. It’s really lovely, whatever your age. We shall be keeping this! 


So there are a few of the fun home-related gifts you can buy from Find me a Gift that I absolutely adore. There is so much more on there (and a lot of personalised stuff which always feels extra special!), so check it out and let me know what you think! 

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