Feeling Nostalgic – Things I’m Sad My Baby Won’t Experience From my Childhood*

(This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Walkers)

With the Spice Girls going on tour, and Pokemon being in the cinema, I’ve been getting a lot of nostalgia recently. It’s no secret that all 90s kids feel as though they grew up in the best era, and the more I think about it, the more I agree! I’ve been thinking a lot about the things from my childhood that I am sad Ruben won’t get experience. Here are a few.

Going to a video rental store

I LOVED Blockbusters. My dance studio was based above a Blockbusters and so every Thursday night, I’d wander around, looking at the different videos and making a list of films I wanted to see. When you had to pay to rent films, you had to really want to see them. Now you can just turn on the TV and watch pretty much anything you want at the click of a button and although it’s super cool and convenient, I feel as though it’s missing the magic.

Calling your friends on the landline

By the time Ruben is at secondary school, phones will probably be built into your brains automatically, which really takes away the feeling of being sat at the telephone table under the stairs, tangling up the phone cord (remember those?!) while your older sibling shouted at you to get off the phone so they could use the dial up to go on MSN.

The Sunday night charts

I probably couldn’t even name anyone in the charts right now (except for whatshisname Capaldi because I’ve seen videos of him on Instagram and he’s dead funny), but back in’t day I would sit in the bath on a Sunday night at listen avidly to the charts. I would even press ‘record’ on my little cassette player and tape the song so I could listen to it on demand. I’m not sure 11 year old me could even comprehend Spotify, but at the time I felt like a technological genius.

Prizes in cereal

One thing that I think has made the world a worse place, is the removal of prizes and little toys in cereal. I loved digging through a box of Rice Krispies to get a colour-changing spoon! Now I get nothing but toothache from my overly-sugary cereals (because I am still a child who hates healthy cereals!), and it makes mornings a lot less fun.

Speaking of the Spice Girls, Walkers have released this hilarious advert with the girls’, and their biggest fan.

Side note – Cheese and onion are my faves so I am V excited to try these.

What do you miss from your childhood that you think today’s kids are missing out on? Let me know in the comments!

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