Elvie Breast pump Review* – Is it really worth the money?!

I was gifted the Elvie breast pump in exchange for an honest review. Some links might be affiliate links.

This is going to be a bit of a weird one! I first wrote this review back in August 2019, for a brand, after trying the Elvie Breast pump out for a few weeks. However, I wanted to also do a follow up now that I’ve had it for an additional 6 months, as a few different points have come up since then, and I wanted to really make sure it was a thorough review. 

August 2019

I first saw the Elvie breast pump at a baby show when I was still pregnant. It was being demoed and I immediately loved it – so sleek and easy to use, unlike any other pump I had seen. But I just couldn’t justify the price tag, in case it didn’t live up to the expectations. However, after being sent one by Natural Baby Shower to review, I can honestly say it’s worth every penny!

Prior to this, I have used a small hand pump (fine, but tedious and often left my hand aching) and a double electric pump (noisy, needed to be held, awkward and made me feel like a cow), so you can imagine what a revelation this was!

The packaging felt like a luxury tech/gadget brand and immediately tells you that this is going to be a very different experience. The pump itself is a smooth, economic shape that really does just fit in your bra. It comes with spares of the vital parts, which really is a godsend as they seem to be in the wash when you need them – and no sleep-deprived mama wants to be rummaging around for a little green rubber stopper thing while dealing with a teething baby! 

One thing I loved about the pump is that it is dishwasher safe, so I could just pop it on the top shelf at night and know that it would be clean and ready to use again the next day. 

So how does it work? Really well actually! There are a few soft buttons on the device itself to turn on/off, start/pause, turn up/down and change sides – all of which can be controlled on the app. I found myself not bothering with the app as much as I could do everything from the pump itself, but I think if I was pumping in public, or a work environment, it would be really helpful to be able to control it remotely. 

The app for the Elvie breast pump

The app does tell you roughly how much you have pumped, and although it is VERY rough, it is quite useful. At first, I was frustrated that I couldn’t visually see how much I had pumped just be looking down like I can with other pumps, however, I do think that this made it easy to forget I was pumping and relax more, which meant I had more milk output! 

It really is a stress-free experience, once you have mastered it, because you can just pop it into your bra (it even comes with extenders if your nursing bra doesn’t fit it in but mine had all been fine) and focus on doing something else. I tended to wear it while doing my makeup or cleaning the kitchen – I even wore it to the shops once! It just gives you the gift of time!

It won’t overflow due to the sensors inside, and when you are finished, there is a handy spout which will allow you to pour directly into a bottle or pouch, meaning that you don’t spill any precious liquid! 

After using it for a few weeks, I can honestly say it is a must-have, worth every penny, especially if you are heading back to work and want to build up a decent stash. Pumping is easy, comfortable and no longer feels like a chore. I’m even wearing it while typing this! 

The Elvie Breast pump unit

February 2020

So, I do still love the pump, especially now that I’ve gone back to work 3 nights a week. I can pop it in my bra with no fuss, and carry on working away. 

However, there are a few snags I’ve noticed that I wanted to point out. Sometimes, if there is a part not 100% right, or the positioning isn’t perfect, it just doesn’t work. I can pop it in my bra, hear it working away, and when I take it out – not even a drop! I have to fiddle about with the parts a few times to get it to work, and that is a real pain. However, once it is set up and ready to go, it does work well. 

Cleaning it can also be a bit of a faff. Often, it feels as though the bits just aren’t clean. The seal on one of my bottles has gone a little orange (perhaps from the dishwasher? I certainly haven’t put any spaghetti hoops in there like my poor orange Tupperware!) but it’s the machine itself that is a nightmare to clean. Milk seems to find its way into every nook and cranny, and things like the screw holes are too small to clean with a cotton bud. I’ve not yet found a good way to feel as though those bits (for example, behind the release button) are properly clean, which seems a bit icky when you remember what it’s for. The material that it’s made out of, also seems to get a bit grubby when its been in my bag which is annoying for something so expensive. 

I’ve also noticed that sometimes the charger is a little dodgy (I’ve tried several wires), and it only works in a certain position. 

I don’t use the app at all. Mainly because I’m usually working while I do it, but I don’t feel like I’m missing out without it at all. 

Overall, I still really love the pump. I can’t imagine pumping without it (I left it at my sisters by mistake for a few weeks and it was SUCH a pain! I really missed it!), but I do think there are a few niggles that stop it from being totally perfect. 


  1. I’ve wanted to get this pump for a while but cannot justify the price at all at the moment…hoping the hubs maybe will treat me to it for mothers day or my birthday lol!

    I use the medeal swing flex single and it is definitely a phenomenal pump but is SOOOOO noisy and I have to sit there holding it the entire time. Not ideal, but I got it on sale from Amazon for like £80 so can’t complain too much!

  2. Never been a breastfeeder but I was considering combi feeding if I had another baby, I like the design of this but as you said it seems like a faff. However it’s good that it’s still working well for you!

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