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Christmas Gifts for all your Friends this Black Friday with Skinnydip London*

*This post is a gifted #ad alongside Skinnydip London, and the links are affiliate links cos your girl’s gotta eat. All opinions are legit though, obvz. 

Buying for your pals this year and want to get everything from one shop (with some sweet savings?!)- how about Skinnydip London? You may know them for their quirky bags, but they do so much more, so here are some ideas for your whole squad (am I too uncool to use that word?!) and boom, shopping all done BEFORE Black Friday! In fact, from 6pm on Wednesday 27th November,  they’re offering 30% off sitewide with up to 70% off sale until Midnight on Cyber Monday! 

For your Eco Warrior friend

We all know plastic isn’t fantastic, so treat your greenest friend to coffee on the go with this gorgeous marble travel mug, made of bamboo. Not only will it keep her coffee toasty on the train, but it ill also look cute AF in Instas (and help save the planet too obvz). So win-win. 

For the Astrology lover in your life

This is the girl who can tell you which planet is in retrograde and why things didn’t work out with your ex (he was a TOTAL Leo!). This cute, but practical bumbag is ideal for keeping her crystals/tarot cards/smudging sticks in. 

For that total Boss Babe

(Let’s pretend that MLM huns didn’t totally ruin that phrase…) She’s building her empire and in a few years time she’ll remember your support and throw you a cool million right? Help her keep on track with this stylish Peach diary – it comes without dates so it can be started whenever you want, and it’s full of stickers and quotes to help her succeed. 

For the one who likes to Travel in Style

Whether she’s backpacking around Thailand, heading to Paris for a romantic getaway, or just on a road trip to Bognor Regis, help her travel in luxury with this dreamy crushed velvet neck pillow! 

For your most Techie friend

This comfy, but cute strap will transform your friend’s favourite wearable gadget into something much more stylish, without losing any functionality. Make her Apple Watch pop! 

For your Mum friend

We’re getting older guys, and this means that your ‘mum friend’ is no longer just the one who makes you drink water when you’re too drunk, but can actually be a real-life mother. This ‘I Need a Nap’ t-shirt will express how tired she inevitably feels (y’all know my baby never sleeps!) but will also let her wear something cute, and not too ‘mumsy’.  

For that Disney loving pal

We’ve all got a friend who is crazy about Disney, but as the years have gone on, realise they empathise a lot more with Ursula than Ariel (No, you don’t love him. You are a child). This make-up bag will bring a bit of sparkle and sass to their daily routine, as well as being a decent size to fit a full-face in. 

For your Instafamous Blogger friend

Had to include something for the bloggers right?! This funky portable charger will help your friend be able to post their Boomerangs and promote their blog posts all day, without running out of juice. Small enough to fit in a (v on-trend) bag, and stylish enough to be used in flat lays. Nailed it. 

For your funniest friend

(Which in my group is me, obvz). Imagine being besties with Lewis Capaldi?! Would you ever stop laughing!? The next best thing is this hilarious t-shirt, featuring an embroidered Lewis, enjoying Calamari, and looking like the legend he is. If this doesn’t make you giggle, you’re dead inside. 

I really feel like I could shop for all of my gal pals (lol, I’m so uncool) on Skinnydip London, as well as getting a few cheeky things for myself (and by that I mean, I want everything on this list…). So treat yo’self this Black Friday, or get some Christmas shopping ticked off the list. 

You’re welcome. 

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