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Wilson in my 20’s: The Illustrated Mum

You may remember that a while ago I set myself the challenge of reading every Jacqueline Wilson book that had been published since my birth, as some sort of weird semi-midlife crisis. I was all set to start, but then other books happened. And I got a little carried away with life. But finally, this week, I picked up one of my favourite ever Jacqueline Wilson books, The Illustrated Mum. 

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So you want to go freelance?

I’ve seen a lot of questions about this on various Facebook groups and, suffering with imposter syndrome as I do, I’ve never felt quite legit enough to write about it. Not “freelance” enough if you will. 

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#BEDN: Harry Potter and the Hilariously Bad Trivia Answers

So today’s blog post is a little late, but the reason for this, happens to be the inspiration for the post, and it will (hopefully) be up before midnight so I’m still claiming #BEDN! This evening was our good friend Dan’s birthday so Steven and I met up with him and his lovely wife Chloe for a meal. As these …


I don’t have anything to write about today that seems appropriate after everything that’s been going on so I’m just going to leave this here.

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North West Bloggers Meet: 13th July!

On Sunday 12th July, I found myself in a room full of people, frantically swapping business cards, taking arty pictures of bowls of popcorn and tweeting incessantly. This was my first blogger meet!

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Real Talk: Anxiety

Earlier this week, I read this great article by Kady Morrison which looked at ‘9 Things I wish people understood about anxiety’, which I liked so much, I decided to do my own version, based on my own experiences of Anxiety.

Freshers advice

1. Don’t spend all your money at Freshers. Trust us. Despite all the hype put on it, you will end up having better nights out when, y’know, you actually have friends and you know where to go. They are the nights you’ll actually want money. 2. Learn to cook (& love) pasta, because you’re going to be living on it. …