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Living with Debt

When you tell people you have a Wonga loan, their first reaction is to call you stupid, or tell you to be better with money. This is a crappy reaction. Until you know the full story of a person, you have no right to judge (& often still not even then!)

Another day, another Youtuber is found to have harassed his fans, and more my respect for the Youtube community I so want to be a part of, falters. The thing that drew me to Youtube, was how open a creative platform it was, however, what once was an incredible way to connect with content makers, seems to have become a way for some to exploit their power.

Freshers advice

1. Don’t spend all your money at Freshers. Trust us. Despite all the hype put on it, you will end up having better nights out when, y’know, you actually have friends and you know where to go. They are the nights you’ll actually want money. 2. Learn to cook (& love) pasta, because you’re going to be living on it. …

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There are few things in life that I find more awkward than a trip to the hairdressers. Being caught naked by my boyfriends family perhaps and… Nope. That’s it.

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I think we can all agree that the Apple Live Stream was a mess. Running home to set up the Stream on our Apple TV we were heartbroken to see an error message. When we finally got a picture we have Chinese dubs. We had the stream cut out and restart multiple times and a quick search on Twitter showed …

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Sorry I don’t have babies yet.

Before I start, let me point out that this rant is not directed at people with children, regardless of whether these people be younger than me with 4 children, or my age with their first on the way. This rant is aimed solely at those people who constantly insinuate that I am doing something wrong in life by not yet …