Alternative Gifts for Easter 2022

It’s almost Easter and I’ve been hanging ridiculous carrot bunting along my fireplace and looking up some fun Easter crafts for the kids to fill up the holidays. However, I’ll be honest. Ruben still has a few Easter eggs left over from last year, and Indiana can’t have normal chocolate because he has an allergy to cows’ milk protein – plus Steven & I are vegan, so I think we’ll leave the chocolate egg buying to the grandparents.

Of course, that doesn’t mean I don’t want to get them anything at all. When we were kids we’d get given an outfit for Easter from our parents & I love the idea of carrying this on for the boys, but here are some other cute Easter alternatives for all ages. 

Personalised Easter Bunny Teddy

I actually got this bunny for Ruben for his first Easter so OBVIOUSLY I have to get IndieBug one too. My boys love soft toys & this one still gets played with often. I hope it carries on celebrating Easter with us for years to come. 

Wooden Decoration

Last Easter I had gallstones and so chocolate was off the table (gutting because pre-veganism, Easter eggs were my favourite!) but my MIL didn’t want me being left out so she got me this cool ornament which I can get out every year now. 

Easter Sensory Kit

This little sensory kit is such a cute idea for a baby’s first Easter. These are things that will grow with them & you can create some nice Easter themed activities together. 

Chick Brooch

How cute is this little chick brooch? I had a teacher at school who wore a different brooch every single day & I was always excited to see what she had pinned on to her blazer. I think this would have been a fantastic addition to the collection and if you’re buying for someone who isn’t a child, a piece of vintage jewellery from AC Silver is a great shout.

Easter Craft sets

Ruben loves little “paint your own” sets. Don’t get me wrong, he doesn’t always choose the “right” colours but he has a great time and is always so proud of himself. This is a fantastic gift, especially if you have any parties around Easter time. 

Grow your own Bunny Tails

Spring is a time for growth and new life so any sort of plant/seeds is a sweet option. It’s a gift that will last longer than just Easter Sunday & bring a lot of joy from watching something you planted grow! 

Easter Bunny Poo Bath Salts

We love a bath bomb in this house. Mostly me to be honest but both Steven & Ruben are known to enjoy a bath bomb occasionally too and these are a fun novelty. Especially as they are called “rabbit poo” – as a 3-year-old boy, nothing is more hilarious. This would be really fun for a themed bath – one of my favourite ways to kill time on a long afternoon AND you get the kiddos clean at the same time. I’ll be doing some themed baths after Easter crafts during the holidays I’m sure!

Do you do Easter gifts? I’d love to know in the comments what your go-to is!

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