Alternative Advent – Mad Beauty*

Don’t get me wrong, I love chocolate. The idea of a little square of chocolate every day for the whole month of December is one that brings me joy. However, recently I have been really interested by the other advent options that are out there. Any sort of surprise gift every day is a win in my eyes so I have decided to cover a few of the most popular alternative Advent calendars available this year. 

I was sent the Mad Beauty Advent Calendar and I love how cute it is. It’s not too overtly Christmas themed which I enjoy, as it seems much cooler and more style-focused than classic Advent calendars – it really stands out. There is also a beautiful gold version too which is worth checking out.

Make up that comes in an advent calendar that is this much of a bargain, should not be this good quality. I really expected some cute, fun items with little payoff, but already the metallic eyeshadow quad has become part of my everyday routine!

There are also some really nice blushers with a bit of shimmer to them – which I am all about. I’m not a huge fan of goopy lip glosses, but I know I’m in the minority for this, so anyone who likes a good lipgloss will likely love this. 

This isn’t the kind of gift you get your Mac-obsessed girlfriend, but for a more casual makeup lover, it’s ideal. I would buy something like this for one of my older nieces, who is in second year of high school and is enjoying experimenting with makeup, or even a friend who loves trying new high-street caliber products.

Definitely worth the £19.99 it’s going for here.

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