AD: Toy Story 4 Plushies

My husband’s two favourite films are The Notebook and Toy Story. We’ve not yet introduced by two year old to Noah & Allie’s love story, but from the moment he first watched Toy Story, he was absolutely besotted. To the point that we spent a good 6 months watching the 4 films over and over and over and over and over and over again… at 5am… every morning… for months. 

Luckily, the Toy Story films are pretty amazing, whether you’re a nocturnal 2 year old, a sleep-deprived Mama, or just a Daddy who is re-living his childhood, so I can’t complain. 

Unlike a lot of his toddler obsessions (Bing, Thomas, Peppa Pig, Baby Shark), this is one that is always in favour. Whenever he sees anything in any shop that is even vaguely Toy Story themed, he excitedly points it out. So when we were sent these amazing Toy Story plushes, he lost his tiny toddler mind! 

We got Buzz, Rex and Forky (I’m secretly most excited about Forky to be honest!) and they’re so darn soft! He insisted on cuddling all three of them at the same time, and showing them the bouncy castle. I love to imagine that they are the actual Toy Story characters, and I feel like Buzz himself would love a bouncy castle, but Rex would be pretty terrified. 

In the set by Simba, you can also get Woody himself, Bo Peep, one of the Aliens, Ducky and Bunny and Bo’s trio of sheep (fan fact: called Billy, Goat and Gruff) – and I feel like I need to collect them all. They’re really cuddly, but a nice size – 25cm in fact, so not so massive that there’s no room for your toddler in bed once he’s tucked them all in, but a substantial size that they are perfectly cuddle-able. 

These would be a lovely gift for a Toy Story fan at any age – I know my husband would love to make a little display of them in our bedroom (and secretly I would kinda love this too!), but of course my toddler wants to take them to bed, out in the car, have tea parties with them (“I am MRS! NESBIT!”) and really enjoy them in the way that toys deserve to be loved.

You can buy them from Amazon or Very – who would you choose?!

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