AD| Teenage Girl Gift Guide

It’s been a long time since I’ve been a teenage girl, and I am very out of touch. Thankfully I had a helper or two to give me some advice on this one!

Soph x Skinnydip Astro Wash Bag

This wash bag is so beautiful and would make such a cute gift for a special teen in your life – especially if you put a few little bits and bobs in it. I’m thinking hair bobbles & Kirkby grips, a lip balm etc. 

Bubble Mask

Encourage them to take some time to relax, especially if it features a fun twist like these bubble masks that puff up while you wear them, which looks so funny on, it’ll make for a great photo and remind them not to take life too seriously. 

Enola Holmes by Nancy Springer

This is the novel version of the Netflix film starring Millie Bobbie Brown which was really popular. I have the book tastes of a teenage girl and YA fiction is my jam, so if you ever need book recommendations for the teen in your life, hit me up. 

Copper plant house 

I don’t know how or why plants became cool in 2020 (maybe because we’re all home all the time?!) but I’m so glad. This is just a gorgeous piece of homeware that would look cute in any teens’ bedroom and give them something to look after. Also, plants are really important for our mental wellbeing so it’s like giving them a bit of calm too. 

Loungefly Barbie Rose Gold Lock Crossbody

I have it on good authority that this is in fact, very cool. I do love the Loungefly stuff, and although I would look utterly ridiculous rocking up to baby group with a Barbie handbag, I think when you’re a cool teenager, doing cool teenager things, this would look pretty amazing. It’s also vegan friendly which I love. 

Pastel Gradient Chilly’s Bottle 500ml

Today’s teens are good eggs and care about the environment a lot more than past generations. So get them a reusable bottle that they’re going to be proud to take to college, with this cute pastel gradient bottle which will keep water freezing cold for hours, and help save the planet, one plastic bottle at a time. 

Miss Patisserie Breathe Shower Steamer

These turn a shower into a real spa experience and are a lovely little mindful moment in the morning. I think this would be really useful on stressful days like exams. 

Shrine Drop It Hair Dye Drops Pink

As the aunt who often has crazy hair, I am all about encouraging that in my nieces. I’ve never tried these drops but they look really effective on the videos and I love that they are vegan and cruelty free. You add the amount of drops you need to create the shade you want, into your own conditioner, so you get around 30 uses from one bottle. The colour lasts around 2-10 washes so it’s ideal for school holidays. 

Peachy Slippers

Slippers aren’t just for your Nanna. These are really cute and look so comfortable, but are stylish too with the little peaches on them. I would feel too uncool to wear these, which tells me they are perfect. 

Breathe out: A Creative Guide to Happiness for Teen Minds

I genuinely think being a teen right now must be pretty tough and you couldn’t pay me enough to do it. There was enough drama in my teenage years with SMS texting and Bebo on dial-up, let alone constant access to the internet, video and social media. So this book is full of exercises that encourage being present, managing your feelings and take a moment for yourself. 

Life is tough DIY Embroidery

If there is a creative teen in your life, this is a really great kit to get them started with embroidery. Thanks to TikTok, I think embroidery is cool for teens because there’s lots of them on my FYP doing cool stuff on denim jackets. Again, I love gifts that encourage a bit of creativity and something that gives a break from screens. 

Hopefully there is something here that the teenage girl in your life will love! 

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